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That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

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This is a gem of a picture book that you didn’t know you were missing. A

That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown combines the adventures of a child and animal (a la Calvin and Hobbes) with the illustrating style of Knuffle Bunny. The adorable main character, Emily Brown, is repeatedly accosted by the Queen Gloriana the Third’s officials to sell her precious rabbit, Stanley (although the Queen and her henchmen will only call him “Bunnywunny” much to Emily Brown’s dismay). In spite of threats, bribery, and kidnapping, Emily Brown will not give up on her best friend.

Not that I know anything about precious stuffed animals…

Oh, except for him . Yeah, I guess maybe he counts.

Meet Sir Pooh Bear.

The Flash dressed him in aluminum foil, masking tape, and a fancy shmancy mask for a costume.

Cool, huh?

Speech Therapy Ideas:
1. Talk about each of the adventures that Emily Brown and Stanely are on. What types of things might they see in each place. What might they do in each place?

2. Discuss branches of the military. What is the Navy? Why does the Navy approach Emily Brown when she is scuba diving and not the Air Force? What are the different titles used in each military branch?

3. Why does Emily Brown give the Queen a teddy bear and tell her to play with it all day and sleep with it all night? Does Emily Brown’s plan for the Queen work?

4. Practice /r/ sounds in the story: “BRown”, “Rabbit”, “ARmy”, “GReat baRRieR Reef”, “dooR”, “gaRden”, “admiRal”, “Rain foRRest”, “aiR foRce”, “commandeR”, “Rocking hoRses”, “Royal”, “GloRiana”, “thiRd”.

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  1. I saw this book at Pottery Barn Kids last week. You are right — it is an AMAZING book! I loved it.

    Oh, and Sir Pooh Bear is adorable. I’m glad you shared the pictures.

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