How to tick off a Speech Pathologist

I recently decided I want to homeschool-preschool my daughter.

You know, while I’m working full time. Cuz that’ll be super easy.

So yesterday I bought $10 worth of materials for her to master at-home while I’m at work and Professor X is resting. These materials included a bright and fun ABC poster. (I also figured this would be useful for The Flash who is still learning the differences between lower case and capital letters in his writing).

Overall the poster is great. I love the colors and the pictures are fun. But letter “S” here gets me really riled up. What kind of *** would use a “sh” สƒ sound to represent the letter “S”? Will my daughter now being reading that the “Shun ish up in the shky?”

Oh, and while on this tirade, please do NOT create an “alliteration” that does not contain all the same initial sounds.
“Carrie climbs cement ceilings” is not an alliteration in my book.

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  1. Wow, that is annoying and I’m no professional. =)

  2. Ha Ha! I’m also an SLP and I’m always bitching about this exact thing to my husband. My son has a book and the “c” is represented by a chair and a piece of chalk. Ahhhhhh!!!! I cannot stand it.

  3. What is up with that?! That is too funny … well, unless that’s how she pronounces her ‘s’ sound for the next few years as a result of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Too funny. You are so right on. We’ve never had anything that uses (sh) for S. Yet, my 4yo has been using SH for select words. She says SHleep, SHwing, SHlide, and yet can say Saturday just fine. I think she’ll have it worked out by her 5th birthday. We’re subtly reminding her of the correct way.

  5. I LOVE speech pathologists.
    I’m a High school teacher by trade and quite honestly would have NEVER thought anythng of the ship.
    Which is why I wouldn’t do well in elementary at all.

  6. VERY clever. We do a lot of sounds and letters, but not with any rhyme or reason. Well, with rhyme…

  7. Someone scrutinize scandalous signs scatterbrains spawned so scholars study scrupulously, sans snafus

  8. no kidding.
    and wow.
    you are amazing. i’ve teased myself with the same ideas. but haven’t sucked it up enough to do something about it …
    it’s scary when you realize that THAT is what is right for your child. but can’t.

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