Using Classroom Vocabulary with Articulation Students

I merge into my 5th graders Language Block for 60 minutes each week, so I know exactly what they are working on. This has been a beautiful thing since I can use vocabulary and concepts from the classroom in the therapy room!

Look at what my students and I created today and yesterday! Stories that focus on targeted sounds /s, z, r/ and reinforce classroom vocabulary!

This awesome idea was from adapted from Chit Chat and Small Talk. Love her!!!

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  1. Outstanding! It’s amazing the stories kids can create with the help of a great teacher.
    High Five.
    xo jj

  2. Thanks for the shout out, CC! I love your stories!

  3. stacey goldberg says:

    Liked the stories that were created. I am always trying to incorporate the vocabulary from the classroom as much as possible.

  4. Such great ideas! I am looking for new ideas to do with my vocabulary students. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Penny Benson says:

    I have been using classroom vocabulary for articulation practice for a while now but have trouble keeping up with all the students and all the vocabulary! It really is a great way to do articulation practice, though!

  6. Rachael Freeman says:

    What a great idea! I’m really hoping to be able to connect more with classroom vocabulary this year since I am not at three different school districts!

  7. I absolutely love this idea! The many students I have working on vocabulary are also working on articulation! I am going to try this!

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