What’s in Your Cart Winter Linky Party!

Hurray! Time to buy gifts for myself at my favorite store…. TpT! I’ve joined in on Jenna’s “What’s In Your Cart?” Linky Party. You should check out what everyone is talking about!

What's in your cart

Here are some of my products that I think you really should treat yourself to this week during the big sale!

  1. Holiday Language: My newest language product covers language and social skills from PreK- 5th grade. It is aligned to CCSS. And it includes both Christmas and Hanukkah fun! I highly recommend that you check it out!

Screenshot 2015-11-26 08.11.14

2. Space Hero Social Skills: With the new Star Wars movie coming out, you know your students are going to be itching to discuss all things space related! This social skills unit is light years ahead of many other products. It contains seven extensive lessons and is perfect for elementary social skills groups or individuals.

Screenshot 2015-11-26 08.50.26

3. Mini Speech Club Winter: It’s time to get out the best articulation program for younger elementary students ever! These worksheets are good for all sounds (sound cards included) AND come with built in homework and carryover practice!

Screenshot 2015-11-26 09.04.14


What’s in my cart are products that I highly recommend from other sellers! These items will be in my January lesson plans, so get ready for them!

4. Winter Find It On the Go: I used Small Talk SLP’s Fall version of this and LOVED it! There are soooo many targets for language and articulation. I can’t wait to use this in January!

Screenshot 2015-11-26 09.16.465. Nonfiction Texts Targeting Articulation and Language: Nicole Allison has done it again with fabulous reading passages that work on both language and artic. Yay!

Screenshot 2015-11-26 09.19.44

6. Spin and Speak Snowman for Articulation: Another adorable product from Speech Room News! Kids love using the paperclip spinner!

Screenshot 2015-11-26 09.23.13


Make sure to check out the linky party here to see other great ways to gift yourself this holiday season!

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  1. Nicole Allison says:

    Thanks so much for including me! I love ALL your suggestions!

  2. Can’t wait to check out your Holiday Language packet–it looks great!

  3. Terrific list! I love your Informal Assessment for Social Language, so I’m checking out your new product! ~Linda

  4. Sparklle SLP says:

    I a huge fan of yours! Your Holiday Language looks amazing. I will be using your Christmas Around the World this Year, but I may also need this one too! Have a great sale!

  5. I love all of your suggestions! I’ve been meaning to tell you that I absolutely love your updates to your narrative screening products! They have been extremely helpful!

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