A Speech Therapist’s Review of The King’s Speech (updated)

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My mother told me there was a movie out about a Speech Therapist and a king, and that it could win Academy Awards. So of course I begged her to go with me to The King’s Speech.

The acting moved me greatly. I cringed with each “stammer” that Bertie (the future King George VI) endures, in the same way that I hold my breath each time one of my students gets stuck in a stutter. The loved the unconventional and unabashed demeanor of Lionel in his speech therapy sessions, and the persistence of Bertie’s wife, Elizabeth.

As a Speech Pathologist who went through years of schooling, thousands of dollars of accreditation, and piles of paperwork, I felt that I should have been outraged at Lionel’s lack of credentials and coursework. But I wasn’t. I was mainly just relieved that someone else was having success with helping an individual with serious disfluencies. Because heaven knows, that I am having a tough time with it! And it is the 1930’s for goodness sake! I’ve got to give him some credit for lack of speech programs and national accreditation.

It renewed my spirit in my profession and that I do make the difference in the lives of individuals. Even after doing this job for 10 years (exactly!), I still wish I received more thanks for my job. The number of parents I’ve had actually thank me for helping their child (some of them I worked with daily from Kindergarten to 5th grade!) I could count on one hand. And yet again I felt sorry for myself this holiday season, in which I got no thanks from students or the teachers, whose arses I save every single day. But this movie helped get me out of my glut and made me feel a little bit more important.

updated: Professor X recently sent me a great article written by another Speech Pathologist, who has experienced stuttering.

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  1. I really want to see this–and I hope I can get Danger Boy to see it with me–at least on DVD.

  2. I just heard about this one recently, but didn’t know the premise! Now, I’m so intrigued! I do appreciate these movies … but, like you, go for the action/comedy/fantasy/Pixar much more often!! 🙂

  3. Now I HAVE to see this… thanks for sharing your thoughts. And Happy New Year, CC!

  4. As an autism consultant in a system that is fighting hard against inclusion, I know where you are coming from. What ever you do will make a difference to that child’s life though and that is the most important thing.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with your world wide audience. I love reading your blog.

  5. I want to see this even more, now.
    And I am sad to read that your students’ parents don’t thank you. I try to tell my kids’ teachers all the time THANKS when they go the extra mile for my sons.

  6. I’m a school slp too and I know what you mean about not being thanked by parents for my work with their child. I like to think that it makes the thanks that I do get from the parents who remember me and go out of their way to say thanks even sweeter!

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