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George and the Dragon

Twas the book that launched a six year old’s birthday party…

Until checking this book out of the library, The Flash was going to have a “robot” themed party. Afterward… it had to be a DRAGON theme (pictures to follow in the next few weeks).

George and the Dragon

“Far, far away in the high, high mountains in a deep, deep valley in a dark, dark cave…” lived a dragon who was so fierce and powerful that all feared him. And he feared none…except for mice. Unfortunately, a mouse named George moves in next door to him. With one small appearance, George petrifies the dragon, saves the princess, and becomes the new owner of a protective mouse hole in the castle.

What I love about this book is that because there is only small amount of text, I can easily get through this story in half of a therapy session, leaving the rest of the session to discuss the rich vocabulary and illustrations.

Speech Therapy Ideas:
1. Discuss vocabulary words: mighty, blast, fiery, flick, monstrous, fierce, pity, drafty, previous, fixtures, inconvenient, miserable, loan, lumps, fled, groaned, cozy.

2. Practice comparing. The dragon can fly higher than the clouds. What else can fly higher than clouds? The dragon can fly faster than the birds. What else can fly faster than birds?

3. Talk about the dragon’s new neighbor, George. Why doesn’t he like his new home? Is he brave or powerful? How does George save the princess?

4. Why did George get a feast and a new home?

5. What does the sign, “Beware of the Mouse” mean? Who is cowering in the back of this picture? Why?

6. Practice /r/ sounds. This book has a lot of difficult /r/ blends in “George” and “dragon”.

7. Learn more about dragons with these activities:
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  1. Oh dear. It looks great, but my kids are already into dragons big time. Do I really need to feed the habit?
    Since I am a sucker for quality kids books, I am certain this will be checked out next week.

  2. This is a great book – one of my son’s favourites when he was younger.

  3. Sounds like a GREAT book … and a really fun bday party theme!!!

  4. This sounds wonderful. Michael loves books but is still not a fan of longer stories.

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