My Shadow

My shadow documents a time
When the sun shone upon my back.
This one is from 2 weeks ago
It hides the things I lack.
My shadow shows who I am
It shows me tall and strong.
It cannot show the victories
Or the place where I belong.

My shadow outlines my body
It reveals if I stand proud.
If I’ve tried my best at work
Helped children learn to talk, and loud!

My shadow hides my triumphs
Helping my son learn to read,
Assisting my daughter to blossom
Smiling as they take the lead

My shadow fades the worry lines
The white hairs that start to grow
Now that I’m “one year older”
Tell me please, do they show?


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  1. Happy Birthday! I really think you are an amazing woman. I appreciate knowing you, even though in passing we barely get a few words out and we’re off! Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! No, you definitely are not getting older, because I refuse to get older. (Therefore, no one around me can age either–it makes sense in my mind, so we’ll go with it, “k”?)

    Now, tell me what you think about the Hanen programs/certification/courses, etc., please. Is it worth it?

  3. Great poem and the picture is perfect for it! I too wish you well on your birthday!

  4. I love it!! Happiest birthday…what a great picture and great words!

  5. nope! love that pic – where was it taken? happy birthday – you should write a book of poetry!

  6. Happy Birthday! Great poem. And I love when my shadow is like that…it’s great to imagine that I’m tall and thin! lol

  7. Happy birthday! What a great poem and photo :). I have white hairs too, and hopefully they aren’t showing for either of us :). Hope you’re having a great day!

  8. Terrifically written and Happy Birthday!

    I can’t see any worry lines or white hair from here!

  9. Happy Birthday!! Super fantastic post! The picture is awesome!

  10. Happy B-day!!! I enjoyed the poem and shadow shot! πŸ™‚

  11. If only my shadow was that cute and lean! ; ) Hope you had a great birthday, love your poem.

  12. Thank you for the “awesome-est” comments on my blog. You so made my day!!
    You asked me how I have time for Photoshop? Well, I have super powers! Hee, hee! (I got that idea from you!)

    Happy belated bday!! πŸ™‚

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