End of the Year Challenge!

End of Year Challenge

It’s that time! We are wrapping up therapy sessions, putting away materials, and beginning to wipe the spit and snot off the tables. The end of the year is coming!

If you are like me, then in spite of the fact that you have ended many, many school years before, you can’t remember what to do! You wonder what steps to take and in what order to finish the year organized and ready to go next year. For this reason, I created the “End of the Year Challenge”. Just sign up here to receive a daily email for 5 days challenging you to take the next step in ending your year successfully. These quick challenges will be an invaluable resource and reminder for that last week of school.

Ready for the free challenge? Sign up >> here!

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  1. Kami Beaulieu says:

    I love the new look friend!

  2. Your blog is so awesome! I just saw that you started following me on Pinterest recently, thank you! It is my goal to blog once I become an SLP and I love looking at the blogs of speech-language pathologists! Your site looks so awesome and I’ll definitely be following along 🙂

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  3. I tried to sign up but it said the email address was invalid. I hope to participate! Thanks,

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