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Super Social Skills

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This freebie is a great way to start talking about super goals for the day, lesson, or year! Plus, it can be individualized or made into a group activity. Brainstorm what super social skills you already have and then come up with goals for new ones to learn!Screenshot 2015-07-31 11.16.10

Note: Super Social Skills has been completely re-made since it’s original release! If you own a previous version, you can download the new version for FREE!

As you probably know by now, I’m kinda fond of super heroes. Just a little. So, I just had to create a super social skills unit for all my students that share my passion!

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My first thought was to follow the themes of my Social Language Homework exactly and link one Super Hero to each homework area. But then I realized, that before I could tackle that, I needed to get the basics out of the way. You know. The School Rules.

Is there any school out there that is not using “Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.” as their school rules? If so, I’d like to shake their hand for originality. Alas, we are one of the many schools with vague, over-used, under-understood, broad rules. What is a Super SLP to do? I know! Superfy them!

I used these super heroes to help explain the broad rules of the school. Each character poster is 8×11 and can (read: WILL) be printed out and plastered all over my walls. Each hero in the unit also comes with a social story, and  snazzy dazzy Power Card (3×5 inches so it can be put on a key ring and easily carried around).

Is it okay to admit that the real reason I made all of these Super Hero Power Cards was to blog about it and say, ” Collect them all! “??

What is a Power Card?
• A small social script, usually the size of a trading card, that can be referred to frequently by child.
• A power card includes a character of special interest and the solution to a problem broken down into parts.
• For more information read here


Here are the super, amazing things you get in this product:

Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.10

Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.19 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.30 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.37 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.45 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.24.52
Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.25.01
I hope you find this product as super as I do!! Purchase your copy here!


For a discounted price, you can get the Super and Prince/Princess Social Skills Bundle here:

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Check out all of my social skills!Tpt Banner Social


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  1. I absolutely LOVE these materials! What graphics site do you use for your speech targets? Please share your super human insight 🙂

  2. Pam: I used Mellonheadz, Boardmaker, and Graphics Factory

  3. I’m an OT and we use Social Thinking strategies/language at my school. These superheroes would fit right in. Love it!

  4. I usually just glance at your SLP posts and pay more attention to your personal and family posts, but this one caught my eyes, and wouldn’t let go! What a great post and what great resources! I think the social skills might be useful for a couple of little boys I know. 😉

  5. You and I must have identical caseloads. I just purchased your social skills stuff and can’t wait to use it! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even have that many kiddos with social skills goals, but these are so dang cute…. I DO want to collect them all!

  7. Your super social skills activities are FABULOUS. I like them and the students love them. The way you have included Elisa Gagnon’s power card concept is wonderful. Hope you will check out my blog: lunchbuddiesplus.wordpress.com
    I will feature pictures of my social skills groups learnin’ and havin’ fun with your creation.

  8. I cannot tell you how often I use this product. Many of the superheroes align with our school rules and this is an easy way to teach them. I think I pull this packet out for some reason or another (usually because I hear about a problem so it is unplanned leason) every week.

  9. What fantastic resources. I love easy and appealing these pictures are.

  10. Patti Ortega says:

    Our administration is adopting a superhero theme for this year and I came across your site.
    looking forward to proposing we use these school wide.

    1. that’s awesome!!!

  11. My school also has “Be your best” as an expectation – We wanted to cover that attitude and effort piece! I plan to use that freebie for my students to remind them of their strengths and speech goals. I’m hoping to actually complete a superhero theme this year, instead of barely attempt it!

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