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Keeping Supplies Handy!

First, let me begin by saying that I know I’m one of the luckiest school-based SLPs ever! I have my own room and it even contains windows! And cabinets! And running water! But that aside, I still travel a lot including:

To keep the supplies that I need handy at all times I’ve developed  a few tricks:

1. Always wear your supplies.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 11.45.52I started a fab trend at my school years ago by wearing a half-apron (I buy them from here… and oh my gosh she now has an Zombie Apocalypse apron!!!!). I now own about 5 of them. They are my life support since my clothes often do not have pockets, and even when they do have pockets, there is no way I could fit all of my supplies inside my pants!

2. Carry around extra supplies.

My fall student intern got this handy clipboard for me. On the front I keep my (most recent) schedule. Inside I keep extra supplies like reinforcement pages, markers, and discipline referrals (not that I’d EVER need them! ha!).

Screenshot 2014-03-08 11.30.473. Use what you’ve already got.

For me that would be my phone. Up until last month, it was an iTouch, unable to make actual phone calls. But I still used it constantly! I have my schedule on the lock screen, my ever-changing calendar in it, and I use it for pictures all the time.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 11.30.53 These are the tips that make my work life much easier and much more convenient! Do you do any of these?

Here is my letter for your Blog Hoppy goodness! If I Only Had Super Powers

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! An Apron….seriously genius. I too have the storage clipboard and LOVE it!

  2. Angela Patterson says:

    Love the storage clipboard. Where can I purchase one?

    1. Great question! I updated the post to include a link to Amazon.

  3. I am putting my schedule on my phone asap! (Just as soon as I find my schedule in the stack of papers on my desk!) What a great idea!

  4. Just this week I decided that it was time to break out my sewing machine to make a therapy apron…I’ve been wanting one for a while because my current solutions are not working!! This was perfect timing! Her aprons are perfect and zippered!! I just picked one out and ordered it….so glad to have a recommendation for a store to save me time! Thanks! I also love the idea of having your schedule on your phone….that makes so much sense. Thanks for the ideas! Emily

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