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25 Ways to Ask Kids about Their Day

25 ways to ask kids about their day! Freebie for parents and educators.

Both at work AND at home, I am constantly trying to get kids to tell me about their day. Here is a typical conversation:

“What did you do today!?”


“Come on, you must have done something!”

“I dunno.”

Can I hear an “Amen” from anyone else that experiences this on a frequent basis?

So I have developed a short list of ways to try to pry out recent events from those small brains. This is fabulous language practice for kids working on retelling, past tense, or descriptive skills. It is also great information for kids working on social skills to remember the names and actions of their classmates and teachers. And as a parent…. this is just good stuff to know about your kids’ days!

You can read my list below, or download it FREE here.

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  1. Excellent questions! I’m going to have these handy to give out in meetings to my parents of language kids!

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