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The Speech Club solution to articulation therapy!

Speech Club is a systematic approach to helping articulation student practice daily, get feedback from others, and improve their speech!


  • Have you ever had a 12 year old who has been working on /r/ in sentences and carry-over for years?
  • Have you ever had a 10 year old who says that speech games are “boring”?
  • Have you ever been referred a 13 year old for an initial evaluation for articulation?
  • Have you ever been promised by your 11 year old student that they will practice every day only to start over with them every single speech session?


I have always felt that teaching children correct product of sounds is the easy part. I can often do that in just a few therapy sessions. It’s getting them to use the sounds that poses the biggest challenge! I know that carry-over is important! You can read this article from the ASHA blog about tricks to helping carry-over including:

  • Practice with a script
  • Story telling
  • Fill in the sentence
  • Tongue-twisters

These ideas are fun and effective, but they get old and most SLPs don’t have the time to generate new ones every week for their students.

So what is the effective and efficient SLP to do? C.L.U.B.!


What does this mean?

CHALLENGE YOURSELF to use big words in sentences, word problems, and in environments outside of the speech room. Also challenge yourself to practice every single day!

LAUGH & HAVE FUN while learning and repeating mad libs and riddle activities. It’s okay to sound ridiculous sometimes! After all, “It’s always fun in speech!”

USE OTHER PEOPLE because carry-over happens when you speak to a variety of people. As an additional benefit, adults that know what the child is working on can help that child to be more successful!

BUY-IN through bribing (yes, I admit I do it….), positive reinforcement, and comprehension as to why it is important to practice every day. I bribe by giving students speech money towards parties. I help buy-in from parents and teachers by giving them a letter at the beginning of the year (included in all Speech Club packets). This year I am ALSO going to foster better comprehension as to why the students need to practice  by going through a letter with them explaining the importance of daily practice and analogies to other parts of their lives.

You can get this letter FREE by clicking here. I hope your students really connect with it as well!

Screenshot 2014-07-22 12.58.04

How can I do all this?

You have GOT to check out my Speech Club!

I designed this program to be fun, interesting, and LANGUAGE-INTENSIVE for older students! You can cover both language and speech goals in just a few minutes per day! There are up to FIVE later-developing sounds for students /l, r, s/z, sh, th/ to practice and every day is a new way to practice! And each worksheet requires that the student practice for themselves, another student, their SLP, their teacher, and another adult (parent).

Check out this video!

Each sound also comes with a variety of headers to put onto speech folders, a letter to parents, a letter to teachers, and a calendar to check off days attended speech club. You can set up your program to have students attend for 10 minutes every day (this is what I do), or 2-3x per week with additional worksheets to do at home.

These are sold by the season and can be purchased individually or in money-saving bundles. Each sound contains SIXTY worksheets per season. If you buy the entire year’s worth, you will have TWO-HUNDRED and FORTY worksheets for each sound! And 1200 worksheets if you buy all the sounds for the year! HOLY CANOLI!

And check out the feedback!

Speech Club helps students practice their carryover articulation and have fun! Perfect for older students!


Click on image of the product(s) that you would like. Purchase and then read the directions. Set up some time for quick and (ideally) daily practice for club members. Then….get ready for some serious articulation practice!
Fall Speech Club will help your articulation students with daily practice, tier 2 vocabulary, and lots of fun!
Screenshot 2014-07-22 10.22.56Screenshot 2014-07-22 10.22.34
Screenshot 2014-07-22 12.41.57
I’ll be starting my groups right after school gets started! I hope you too will try out a Speech Club program! Let me know how it goes!!

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  1. Heather K says:

    I’m really excited to start using this year with my older students and hope to create me own ‘speech club’ with my K-2 group as well with more of a focus on /k,g/.

    Thank you so much for creating such a comprehensive product that can be used in multiple ways!!!

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