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Love It and List It: Social Skills

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About 25% of my students are working on social skills goals of some kind. So obviously I’m a big fan of products and curriculums that really guide me. These can be especially useful when nothing is going according plan… for example all of this happened with students working on social goals yesterday:

  • During social therapy group, 2 students starting roaring in each other’s faces and I was afraid they were about to get physical before I separated them.
  • A student tried to tip over the table we were sitting at.
  • A student started licking the walls, repeatedly, for attention.
  • A student was upset about something that happened on the playground and started yelling that it was all my fault.
  • A student spent 30 minutes during a social skills group repeating the same word over and over (and a very annoying word I might add).

I needed  a lot of comfort food after the day was over!

Here are some of my favorite social skills products to help guide me through those tough groups:

1. Superflex: Michelle Garcia Winner’s ideas and products rock. And with the super hero theme it works perfectly with me and my room!

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2. Social Skills with Tilly and Frank: I created and use these puppet shows and social lessons with kids from Kindergarten up through 4th grade. And no matter what I try, I always go back to these lessons to teach and re-teach social and behavior concepts. And my students LOVE them!

I have TONS of other Social Skills products that I’ve created that you can check out here.

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3. Don’t be an Angry Bird Printables: These have been so much fun to use when my students were really into Angry Birds. And you can’t beat the FREE price!

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Check out more social skills therapy  at Speech Room News!

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