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Social Language Homework

I am not sure when this transition in my profession occurred, (Maybe a reader out there who has been an Speech-Language Pathologist for 20+ years can help answer this question?), but I spend a LOT of time working on social-pragmatic skills with students. And not just students with Autism.

And social-pragmatic skills are HARD to teach! Often I have a child who can follow the script in the therapy room and has 100% data in a structured, modeled environment, but has 0% carry over skills. Alternately, I have a number of children who have no interest whatsoever in learning these skills and spends the entire therapy session refusing to participate. Well, that was a waste of therapy time.

Whichever type of child you work with, I’m guessing you can agree that skills learned in a small group, highly structured setting are extremely difficult to maintain outside of that setting!

After I created my Speech & Language Homework for a Year packet, an SLP requested Social Homework to help with carryover for students with social-pragmatic goals. So I created a year’s worth of Social Skills Homework! Unlike the Speech & Language Homework, the Social homework is not divided into three levels (since every child with social difficulties is so different). There are 27 weeks worth of homework that target: Feelings, Asking about Others, Thinking about Others, Problem Solving, Idioms/Expressions, Read and Retell (with a focus on feelings and problem solving).

And since we are talking about Social-Pragmatic skills, let me remind you to please say “thank you” when you download something, especially a freebie! See my article here on tips. I’ve had over 200 downloads of my Thanksgiving Mad Libs, and yet only one person has bothered to rate it and say “thanks”. On several of my products I offer a freebie to the first five people to rate the item they bought. It’s an awesome way to get two for the price of one! Yet almost no one has taken me up on this free offer (not to mention the fact that you get TpT credits when you rate items!).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing valuable resources!!

  2. I love Mad Libs! Thanks for giving me an excuse to bring it to my therapy room!!

  3. Thank you so much! I am finding exactly the same problem with the kids that I am treating. Your post has prompted me to write a review on “Between the lines” which has just been released by Hamaguchi Apps. I am always looking for Social Skills activities.

  4. I love how you go beyond just the basics–it would be easy just to hit the verbage without the context, but you don’t.

  5. Thank you for the freebee preview. I think your work is awesome! And thanks for sharing your work.
    My families will enjoy having these to do at home.

  6. Love MadLibs! Thank you!

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