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Harry the Dirty Dog (and why I don’t have one)

This is my mom’s dog.

Screenshot 2014-01-16 15.38.31I have to admit.. he’s pretty cute.

My kids think, however, that him being cute means that we too should have a dog. Now mind you, the two times per year that we visit my mom (and her dog), the kids rarely actually interact with the dog. They do not feed him, clean up his vomit, or pick up his bathrooming waste. Sometimes they help walk him. And yet they think they are mature enough to care for a dog of their own. Ha!

Personally, I can barely keep a fish alive. I killed 90% of the fish in my aquarium the one year I tried to keep fish. How? By going on vacation in the winter and turning off the heat to the house.

When my son was asked to cat-sit the neighbor’s cat, I barely had the motivation to cross the street (and do all the dirty work, because heaven forbid he get close to defecation!). And who got paid for this work? Not I for sure!

It wasn’t always this way for me. I grew up with a dog. And when my husband and I were struggling to become parents, we went to the shelter at least once and tried to bring home a dog. But it was not meant to be. And I am extra sure of that now, since I barely have the time and energy to keep the four of us clothed, fed, and warm!

Regardless, however, I do have a spot in my heart for pets… Dogs in particular. And with that in mind, I made a book companion to go with the very old and very classic “Harry the Dirty Dog“: a completely adorable book about a dog that runs away from home to avoid a bath but gets so dirty that even his family doesn’t recognize him.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.03.33

The book companion is good for children functioning at least at 4 years old and perfect for kiddos working on /r/ sounds! It includes:

Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.23.04 Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.23.18 Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.23.28 Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.23.34 Screenshot 2014-01-15 19.23.42


You can purchase this book companion here (or download the preview and take a look!).

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  1. Julie Graham says:

    Adorable! I started this unit last week with my Kindergarten group- They loved it! Next week I am using it with my first grade group. Lots of vocabulary to talk about and concepts to talk about! Thank you!

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