Winter Freebies – Free resources for speech and language

We all love freebies! Here I have compiled some great looking winter freebies to keep you busy throughout the season!

  • Verb Tenses in the Winter
  • Snowy Day Perspectives
  • Snowy Synonyms Screener
  • The Iditarod: A Listening Comprehension Game
  • Snow Globe Categories
  • Let's Build a Snowman
  • Screenshot 2017-01-18 06.41.23
  • Irregular Past Tense Verb Snowmen Match Up Activity
  • Hot Chocolate Listening for Absurdities
  • Antonym Snowball Fight
  • Winter Listen Up! Following Directions
  • Snowflake On and Next To
  • Snow Day Pronoun s
  • Winter Speech and Language Mini Bundle
  • Winter Wonderland Language Activities
  • Winter/Holiday Sequencing Worksheets
  • Hot Chocolate Sequencing
  • Following complex directions
  • Speechcicles for Wh Questions
  • 10 for January

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  1. Deborah Samuels says:

    These are great for sharing with SLPAs and free up my time from creating and planning lessons for them.

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