speech material organization – part 2

Read PART 1 of this series on keeping your speech materials organized!

I sort and store my materials by month in my file cabinet. The current month is placed in a crate for easy access throughout the month (and from my lesson plans).

Screenshot 2013-12-20 20.15.01When the month is over (i.e., today!), I remove these files and put them back in my file cabinet. And… then comes the next month’s materials!

I try to write the targeted level on the folders to find the materials easily. The levels correspond with my homework and lesson plans:

  • Level 1: K-1st grades (approx)
  • Level 2: 2nd-3rd grades (approx)
  • Level 3: 4th-5th grades (approx)

Screenshot 2013-12-20 20.15.16

Check out Part 1 of Speech Material Organization

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  1. Leslie Klein says:

    I’ve been keeping up my monthly files for over 10 years. I like the idea of having a place to set the current month’s folder–the crate. So much better than just “on my desk,” where I end up with several months stacked up and an empty file drawer by June. This year will be different! Thank you!
    BTW, December is my largest bunch too.

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