Last Saturday

Last Saturday, a 10 year old former student of mine suddenly passed away. I attended his funeral today.

Last Saturday, the body of a very local girl exactly Marvel Girl’s age was found after she had been missing for a week.

Last Saturday, 49 people squished into my home for an Asian New Year’s party that had in previous years included crafts, homemade dumplings, and a dragon dance. However, in previous years only 1 or 2 families attended. Last year we invited over 30 people and only 3 showed up. This year 49 were present. (Did I mention my home is quite small???).

Last Saturday, Professor X couldn’t even make it through sitting on the couch during his own party. After 2 hours, he ended up in bed for almost 24 hours.

Last Saturday, an arsonist set several fires outside my kids’ school. Luckily (?) only the greenhouse was destroyed.

Last Saturday…

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  1. It’s always so awful to hear these things. Hope your coping strategies are getting you by …. and I hope the party was still a lot of fun fro the guests.

  2. I yiyi, that is simply toooo much!

    I don’t even know what to say.

    Big hugs, xo jj

  3. So much happens all the time. Only a few notice.

  4. Holy MOLY! I m so sorry. Things always seem to happen in groups, don’t they?

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