New Wheels

New wheels should bring excitement
Victory! To be free!
A timely rite of passage
Trikes, Bikes, Jeep Cherokee.
Our new wheels reflect sorrow
Reminders of life’s woe.
Craigslist reluctant shopping
They didn’t cost much dough.

His new chair makes Prof mobile
Flash pushes him to school
Marvel Girl’s allowed to ride
Which she finds super cool.

Most places that we go.
No school handicap parking
Rolling a block is slow.

Last week’s strollers tragedy
Makes my temper run short
My super jogging stroller s
Stolen from our car-port.

As we enter life’s new phase
With new wheels to help roll
Us through the hills and valleys
Things out of our control.

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  1. oh my goodness. You are a powerful writer! I cannot believe things were stolen from you. You really are amazing!

  2. It’s interesting how life takes turns that we never envisioned. But I’m glad for the new wheels for the family. The kids will have a new appreciation for simple things as they grow up, with a wheelchair involved. And Prof can get around. That’s good.

  3. Your stroller was stollen from your carport? Oooo, that makes my blood boil. Seriously ticks me off.


    but I LOVE the new ride! It is fabulous! So glad Prof has a stylish new ride

  4. Wow! Sorry your wheels were taken! You are an awesome writer.

  5. Oh my friend, I can’t find any words that I think are a fitting response. Virtual hugs are nice, but so limited to a string of letters and symbols….

    I will continue to pray for you.

  6. How horrible that someone stole your jogger! Your husbands situation is worse.


  7. there is a lot of emotion in those words. Makes me want to stay awhile, browsing the archives to find the story behind them. Peace to you and yours. If you want to come on by and meet Jack I’m home.

  8. your stroller was stolen from your house? WOW terrible! love all the new wheels!

  9. A friend of my is fond of saying that we are never given more than what we can handle. I am sure at this time you would like much less to have on your plate.

    I cannot believe how much has transpired in the year I have been reading your blog. It is terrible to read about the stolen stroller and that the Prof’s health still seems to have not answers.

    Thinking of you and your family.

  10. Hi sweetie.. wow… I love your poem and I can feel your joy and your pain and your fight as a mother… the block away part kills me..what??

  11. That’s just horrible. I hope the thief has a guilty heart.

  12. You always blow me away with your writing talent!! Sorry to hear about the jogger stroller….that is horrible. I hope the new wheels make life a little easier for Prof.


  13. lovely poem. it resonates with me. There are times I love Queen Teen’s wheelchair because it gives us the freedom to do more, but other times I hate it for the constant reminder of what she can’t do. She has the same mixed emotions. We call it her mobile throne and try to enjoy what we can, when we’re both thinking, why me?

  14. What great writing talent you have. And while I can only imagine how reluctant your Craig’s List shopping was, I am glad that you found what you needed. The new wheels for Prof offers some freedom and independence I hope.

  15. i love your prose, but i’m sorry you lost your wheels

  16. Very well written! Someone really stole your stroller right from your carport! That is horrible! I hope that you new wheels will take you to great new places!
    If you’d like to stop by my blog I’m at Cake Crumbs.

  17. That last stanza really hit me. There really are so many things in life that are out of our control.

    So sorry about your strollers. I cannot believe someone would do that. Will home owners/renters insurance cover the loss? Maybe replace them? I know those strollers are so expensive.

  18. What great writing and how terrible that your stroller was stolen!

  19. you seriously are a powerful writer!!!I am amazed ! You should write a book!
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  20. I’m sorry about your stroller. No fair!
    The prof’s new wheels look great.

  21. So Sorry To hear that…just a crazy place we all live in!
    sandy toe

  22. Stolen from your carport?! Seriously … that’s just wrong! So sorry to hear about that. Prof has nice new wheels. I’m sorry, though, that life has taken this particular turn with things feeling out of control. Hope they feel a bit more manageable soon … I’m thinking of you.

  23. Very well written. You have a way with words.

    Sorry to hear about your losses. I hope things start looking up!

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