Coastal Girl


I’m a coastal girl. I’ve always been a coastal girl. Of the 14 colleges I applied to, all but one were on a coast (and that one I applied to only because I had a partial scholarship). My intended major in college was “Marine Biology”. During summers in New England, we would visit the beach nearly every weekend. I would body surf, play in the waves, enjoy the sun.

And then I moved to the North West, which I mistakenly assumed meant I was moving to the coast. Not only do I have to cross an entire mountain range to reach the coast now, but at most I go once per year. Per year . These are not the beaches of my younger years. The water is frigid. The air temperature is cool at best. The shore wind gusts could be called sand storms.

Of course our Labor Day trip to the beach (our only trip to the beach) was cold and windy. It poured rain on our last day there. Ski parkas and all, the kids enjoyed every second of the sand, wind, and sky. Even if we never let them touch the storming waters.

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  1. Haha, sounds like our whole summer!!

    Great picture ~ love the “painting” effect.

  2. I’m like you – a coastal gal. And, I’d take once per year if that was all I could get, too!

  3. That is such a nice pic! I also love the paint effect on it!

    When the kids enjoy the fun…it’s easier for us to enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I grew up near the Oregon coast. Miserable with a capital “M”. One of my words memories is my dad teaching me to swim by chucking me into the frigid water.
    Maybe that’s why I don’t like oceans?

    Anyway, great blog! I’m following.

  5. *I meant worst when I said words. It’s been a long day.

  6. It is a beautiful photo, but I’m sorry that you didn’t get to play in the water or feel the warmth of the sun in the sand. I love the beach too, yet also find myself separated from it by a mountain range.

  7. not all coasts are created equal!!! i loved washington state tho

    happy psf!

  8. I LOVE the Northwest Coast. Coats and all. I grew up landlocked (Still am – save three glorious years on the Canadian West Coast) and a beach, any beach thrills the pants off of me.

  9. And here I am a mountain girl, who grew up near beaches, but chose the mountains for college and now live near the shore… yet again. Heh.

  10. Brr, it sounds chilly but looks like so much fun anyway! I love the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Great picture. I love the parka at the beach note! Glad you had fun even though it was chilly.

  12. that is a beautiful photo. I love the beach too and I am thankful that we are only an hour away. Now its not the ocean but its a close second.

  13. kids are so easy – aren’t they!

  14. The beaches of the Pacific Northwest are certainly a different kind–ruggedly beautiful, but not for frolicking in the surf.

    The picture is gorgeous.

  15. I’m really glad they had fun though! You remind me of me kinda. I live right on Lake Michigan and the last time I went to the beach was probably about 8 years ago. I should be shot.

  16. Awww…I miss the beach! I was horrible about going “over the mountain” as well, but I really, really miss it – and I miss you too!

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