What we do in speech

My principal challenged us to consider our students in twenty years. What values and life skills do we hope they will learn from our class. Beyond the day to day articulation drills, what impact do we aspire for in their lives.

After reflecting for some time, I had Spencer the penguin tell the world what I aim for in Speech Therapy. His statement is posted both inside and outside my room and what I tell students we “do” in speech.

“In speech we learn self-confidence and clear communication skills!”

A few decades from now, my wish is that one of my former students will tell me they learned these things from me–and that I made a positive difference in their lives.

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  1. I love that. Sometimes the most important thing for kids to hear is that they’re not inferior because they have speech problems. I wish you were on Team Micah.

  2. It gave me chills (good ones!) just reading your last line … can you imagine the chills it will inspire when it actually happens some years down the road!!!! What a great feeling! You’re doing good work!

  3. that’s a smart principal. I LOVE Spencer’s sign.

  4. This is what I tell my 3 youngest who are currently having speech therapy – when they are reluctant to do their exercises and ‘homework’ I remind them that if they can learn to talk clearly they won’t be so frustrated all the time (and neither will I!)

  5. What a great perspective. And I’ve seen firsthand how those communication skills can boost self confidence, so I think your long-term goal is right on point. 🙂

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