Our Seusically-Infested House

And how you too can have crazy creatures behind every door

1. Gather paints and large paper

2. Fill the paper beautifully with color


3. Free-hand cut out shapes

4. Scatter throughout the house

5. Go back at night (when the kids are sleeping), collect them all, and shove them deep into the recycling bin before they exponentially multiply

See! I knew B.S.ing thoughtfully completing an “Art for Classroom Teachers” class would be useful one day!

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  1. lol I like #5.
    Child made art work is like rabbits – adorable to look at but watch out or they’ll make more than you can handle!

  2. Looks like a great way to enjoy a day.

  3. Love it! And, your comment about burying it deep within the recycling bin cracked me up … I can relate!

  4. Amen to #5! Good thing you B.S.ed that class so attentively.

  5. it’s a good thing the round file gobbles those things up. love your header

  6. I’m going to have to wait until the weather is warmer so the boys can paint OUTSIDE. My boys are not the neatest artists around and I’m sure there would be at least one spill. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. What fun! And look at you using that college class! ;o)


  8. Great art work bythe kids.

    I like the photoes

    Great photo friday

  9. It’s VERY important that you have your art spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulation!

  10. I love children’s artwork, but you’re right it does seem to get overwhelming at times.

  11. ‘seusically’ – I like that.

    And no.5 it a very important step, especially the ‘deep’ part of ‘deep in the recycling bin’. (My children have been known to rescue their artwork from the bin, while I mumble something about not realising I put it there…)

  12. The Flash is all Seussed out with his stripey shirt! I never throw 3 boys art work out… okay that’s a lie, but at least I wait for the paint to dry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Look how your kids stay neatly on the paper. But it’s smart to do it on an easy-to-clean floor nonetheless.

  14. Lovely and precious. And yes, I play the recycled artwork game too.

  15. I have to throw things away while my boys aren’t looking too! Otherwise we would have paper up to our eyeballs!

  16. lol! What a fabulous idea! I love the photo, it really is a pretty piece of art!

  17. haha… “art for classroom teachers” haha… love it

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