Social Skills Group Lessons


This social skills curriculum includes FORTY lessons and is designed to work on pragmatic, social, and calming skills. The age range intended for these lessons is students with language levels at the second to fifth-grade level. The lessons are intended for small groups of three plus students, although they can be adapted to work with an entire classroom. Each lesson contains three activities. Lessons are designed to take 30—60 minutes each, however, activities can be taken away or added to adjust the time. In addition, unfinished lessons can be continued to the next session if needed.

The goals of this program are:

  • ⭐️Identify needs (understanding feelings and energy)
  • ⭐️Understand thoughts (understand own thoughts and the thoughts of others)
  • ⭐️Understand feelings (understand own feelings and the feelings of others)
  • ⭐️Problem solve (problem solve social situations)

Activities to work on these goals include:

  • ★ Direct instruction
  • ★ Group brainstorming
  • ★ Crafts
  • ★ Charades
  • ★ Games
  • ★ Role-plays

Lessons are in groups of five focusing on 2 opposing emotions. Screen the students at the beginning of the year to determine the most appropriate lessons to use.

Feelings focused on understanding self and others include 5 lessons each for:

  • ★ Sad/Happy
  • ★ Tired/Awake
  • ★ Frustrated/Calm
  • ★ Scared/Brave
  • ★ Bored/Interested
  • ★ Hyper/Quiet
  • ★ Angry/Relaxed

All lessons are available in black/white for easy printing and include:

  • ★ Teacher Summary/Checklist of the lesson
  • ★ Visual schedule for students
  • ★ 3 Activities with materials (except art supplies)

Check out my blog post and video about this product here.



❤️ “Incredible!!! JUST what I needed!!!”

❤️ “[This packet] adds wonderful organization and progression of lessons that would have taken me HOURS to organize. This packet is really detailed, organized, and complete.”

❤️ “The OT and I have been using this since the first week of school. We are absolutely amazed with the content included in this product. It marries the work of the SLP and OT, providing a common language, with activities that truly meet the needs of all of our social group students!”



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