Social Language Informal Assessment #2


“Social Pragmatic Informal Language Assessment #2” provides the SLP with invaluable informal information about a child’s skills in social language and social thinking areas. The assessment is not standardized, but can be used as one part within a broader array of tests when evaluating for autism spectrum disorder or other social language disorders. This informal assessment provides valuable information for developing baselines and creating goals.
“Social Pragmatic Informal Language Assessment #2” is a unique assessment because it assesses students at their current levels and can be also used to compare to peers.
Level K-2 (Kindergarten to 2nd grade CCSS language skills)
Level 3-5 (3rd to 5th grade CCSS language skills—note actual grade level may be much higher but the child is functioning at this level)
1. Use at the age appropriate level to compare performance with typical social language learners. This is an ideal way to use this tool as an initial screener.
2. Use the level that best reflects the student’s skills. This is a good measure of pre and post data at the beginning and end of an IEP cycle.
3. Use Social Language Informal Assessment #1 and #2 simultaneously with two students during the same treatment session (good for groups).
“Social Pragmatic Informal Language Assessment #2” differs from the original Social Language Informal Assessment in that it provides new stories and targets. Answers are directly inputted to the pdf during the assessment and can be printed immediately.
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❤️ “Your informal social language assessments are a MUST for all my students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The information obtained through your procedures is invaluable in determining a child’s communication strengths and weaknesses which lead to meaningful goals and objectives.”
❤️ “I absolutely LOVE this and feel like it gave me more and BETTER information on some students than the formal assessments (CELF pragmatic profile, TOPL) did! Thank you!!!”
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