Getting organized for play-based therapy!

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33% of my students with speech IEPs are working on very basic 1-3 word utterances (verbally or non-verbally). One of the many ways that I work on their speech goals is to engage them with play-based speech therapy. What is play-based therapy? I use my own approach to therapy, loosely based on Floor Time. A box of toys is chosen

25 Ways to Ask Kids about Their Day

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Both at work AND at home, I am constantly trying to get kids to tell me about their day. Here is a typical conversation: “What did you do today!?” “Nothing.” “Come on, you must have done something!” “I dunno.” Can I hear an “Amen” from anyone else that experiences this on a frequent basis? So I have developed a short

My summer in review

summer Collage

(Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)   I go back to work in two short days (sniff…) so it is time for me to reflect on some of the amazing things that I have done during this “short” summer! 1. Trips: Thousands of miles of driving with the kids to the mountains, forests, and beaches! And let me assure

How do you use it? Paper clips!

how do you use it - backtoschool

I’m joining up with Speech Time Fun today to post about one of my favorite office supplies… Paper clips!! So… how do I (and how could I) use these cute little, metal devices of usefulness? 1. As a spinner! Paper clips make an awesome spinner for activities, games, and other spinnery uses. 2. As a game piece holder! I had

Just keep swimming…

With the news story of Robin William’s death taking over the media, and his wife’s statements, I thought this would be a good time to put into words some of my thoughts. These are the ways that I have dealt with my husband’s depression. I am not a counselor. I have never been trained. In fact, a counselor out there

A letter to the new state park managers

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Dear New State Park Managers (aka destroyers of family fun), Although my group of 60+ adoptive families has had an annual camping trip in your park for 26 years, apparently there are some new rules and management in place. We apologize that we did not get the memo and therefore made many infractions last week. First, we apologize that the

What’s In Your Cart?


It’s time for the big, big back to school sale on TpT! How to decide what to get??? Here are a few suggestions that I have! Products that my colleagues have created: No Prep Speech and Language Activities by the Dabbling Speechie Because I love not needing to prep activities!! Speech & Language Zoo by Teach Speech 365 This unit

The Speech Club solution to articulation therapy!

speech club solution

Have you ever had a 12 year old who has been working on /r/ in sentences and carry-over for years? Have you ever had a 10 year old who says that speech games are “boring”? Have you ever been referred a 13 year old for an initial evaluation for articulation? Have you ever been promised by your 11 year old

Binders and Planner Organization


My goal for the last 14 years has been to be an organized SLP. I am getting there. Slowly. One binder and bow at a time! Here are my updated Super Planners for this year (color, black/white). My planner is already in a binder and ready to go for the fall. I will use it for all my to-do lists

It’s Always Fun in Speech!

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Or is it? It started with a conversation between my friend and I about my awesome speech parties.  She then commented that we sure seemed to have a lot of fun in speech! So that, along with a fun post by The Speech Bubble here, inspired me to make a poster for my room next year! This is a great