What’s In My Cart? Back to School Sale!


I am so excited that the Back to School sale is happening soon! In fact, I’m going to bring my computer camping with me (and then run off to a coffee shop to get internet) just so I can shop next Monday and Tuesday! All of my materials will be 20% off (and up to 28% off if you use

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

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Updated! This product was updated from it’s original to include forms up to 12th grade and fillable pdfs. If you already own the previous version, go download the new version for FREE! Getting ready to go back to school?? Me too. I am excited about seeing the students. But, oh, the paperwork sure gets overwhelming quickly!¬† I think I could

Using Animals to Promote Language Skills

Using Animals to Promote Language

Kids love pets. Even kids that do not have any pets, still love to talk about them! My daughter, for example, has been asking forever for a pet. Being the crazy, stressed out, budget conscious mom that I am, I have always and adamantly rejected this request. So this last week for her tutor, she writes an essay about how

Effective Routines in the Speech Room

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I’ve had a desire for several years to make my 30 minute therapy sessions more routine oriented. I want students to know what to expect when they get to speech. I want them to start working as soon as they enter the room, while I frantically gather the rest of my materials. I want them to feel secure in knowing

5 Tips for Running a Social Skills Group (Ages 7-11)

tips for group

Last year, my special education teacher and myself ended up running 3 different social skills groups. They were separated by grade level for scheduling reasons, and each had five students. That’s fifteen social skills students on IEPs in an elementary school! We met on Fridays in the special education classroom. I provided the materials and lesson plan. Although one entire

Learning Vocabulary in the Pool

Vocabulary in Pool

My nephew is at the best age! He is just starting to develop formal language; he has about five verbal words and ten signs. He babbles, follows one step directions (when he feels like it), and imitates (again, when he feels like it). Today, I was able to accompany him at a baby swimming class. I was in the water

Thoughts on Friendship


I am usually a pretty quiet and reserved person. Although I have have many “friendly acquaintances”, I have a hard time making and keeping friends. In college, I hit the high point of my friend making capabilities. The friends that I made there were not just “friendly” people who I saw occasionally. They were real and genuine. The hundreds (thousands?)

4 Tips for a Productive Summer


A long, long time ago (12 days ago), I began summer break. I started with a rough patch of getting the stomach flu just a few days into my break. And because I like to share (I’m nice like that), I passed the bug onto my kids. Oh, and I hurt my heel so I’ve been limping around for a

Planning makes perfect!

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UPDATE: Planners have been updated for 2015-2016. Check them out here: color, black/white.   What I thought was going to a be a cute little project to help me get organized turned into a massive creation. But I am SUPER excited about it and can’t wait to share! A planner a new type of product for me, but the things

Lordy, Lordy!

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In celebration of this new decade, I am having a contest. There will be at least one winner and possibly more based on how I’m feeling after this milestone! Just to help you get to know me a little better… here is a picture collage about me. Comment below what you think these pictures say about me for one of

How Did an Ivy League Scientist End Up Here?


  A long, long time ago, a teenager with a very impressive resume traveled 3000 miles from home, to go to one of the most competitive universities in the nation. She started the path towards an Aquatic Biology major immediately taking Chemistry, Biology, Calculus. One day after her last final of her freshman year, her father had a massive stroke.

The Sensory Room (How it works!)

sensory room

In 2012, our school had an oddly sized, closet-like room become available for use. After speaking with my principal, I wrote a Donor’s Choose to turn this space into a Sensory Room for the in-proportionate number of students with sensory needs. At the beginning of this year, I did another Donor’s Choose to add new equipment to the room. My

Get Back to Green Box (Getting Ready to Learn)

green box

This year in social skills group, my Special Education teacher and myself have been teaching the Zones of Regulation. As part of this instruction, we wanted the students to have tangible items that help them “get back to green”, or in simpler terms “ready to learn”. We worked for multiple weeks on their Green boxes, for their classroom use. ¬†Here

What’s in Your Cart? Teacher Appreciation Sale!


I know it’s getting close to summer, but there are just so many great ideas out there! These are my recommendations for your cart during the fabulous Teacher Appreciation Sale (5/5-5/6)! Adorable and super practical items in Teaching Talking’s “Apraxia Garden Theme” Unit! You cannot go wrong with Nicole’s “Common Core Summer Packet“! Natalie’s “High Stakes Testing: Vocabulary Builder” is