Finding peace (when balance can’t be found)

finding peace

Let me start by saying that I have NOT found peace (which was supposed to be my word of the year). I did order some nice looking id labels with the Chinese word for “peace” on them. That’s kind of the same, right? In case you don’t know much about me and my family here is a synopsis. I am

Everyday Speech Social Skills (Review and Giveaway)


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I don’t really do reviews for commercial materials. I like to talk about my life, work, and creations. Not other people’s. But last week I started really struggling with my social skills groups. The materials that I have on hand all seemed either too high, too low,

The Gardener (Speech/Language Book Companion)

Screenshot 2015-04-11 20.22.22

I’ve wanted to create a book companion for this book for years. It’s been one of my favorites to read alone or with my older children and I just know that my students will love it as well. (amazon affiliate link) The Gardener is a Caledcott Honor picture book written all in the form of letters to family members about

Social Story Collages

Screenshot 2015-01-05 16.18.31

I’m sure I didn’t invent these… I more just “came up with” an idea. An idea that I’m now a little obsessed with doing for all of my students: Social Story Collages! What does that mean? It means I take actual photos of students demonstrating expected (or unexpected) behaviors on the iPad and then sit down with them during therapy

April Lesson Plans 2015

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April means rain! And flowers! And other lovely things! Here’s what I’ll be doing in April. Feel free to download my FREE lesson plans. I have combined paid and free products along with crafts and other ideas.   And as a special April freebie for you, I created another cute way to practice verb tenses (click on the picture to

Work Systems for Early Learners

work systems

I’ve been having a rough year with some of my early language learners in a self-contained classroom. Keeping them engaged for a 30 minute speech session was just not working. Instead they would protest by throwing all the materials, screaming, attacking themselves or others, or running away. Not great thearpy conditions. Many data entiries were “Screaming. Would not work, “or

How to Make Your Own Core Communication Flip Book

core comm

There was much inquiry into my core communication flip book from last week’s post about Engaging Early Language Learners!¬† I modeled¬† this particular book modeled from one at our Autism regional program. It is not for sale because of Mayer Johnson copyright terms. If you are interested in buying core communication boards, The Dabbling Speechie and Speechy Musings both have

Engaging Early Language Learners

engaging early

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that my earliest language learners will NOT just sit nicely at a table or at circle time and say their words/sounds. They need to move and interact and somehow be involved. They like to see completion and know they are done. They need a lot of visual support. Here are

Thinking About Others – A Family Affair

Thinking about others

Disclaimer: “Thinking About Others” is a term used by Michele Garcia Winner. To read more about this term and her awesome social thinking methods, visit her website here. I am the mother to two gorgeous children. Although they were born in Korea, they are American in every way possible. Unfortunately, this also includes the fact that they often feel entitled.

What’s in Your Cart Linky Party!


Hurray!! A sale at last! My cart is starting to fill up and I know I have so many more things to add! Here are my SLP suggestions for your cart from some of my besties: This is such a brilliant idea that I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of it first: Story in a can! I’m a huge fan

March Lesson Plans 2015

Screenshot 2015-02-20 09.44.14

This March, I will be concentrating on St. Patrick’s Day and one of my favorite books, Daisy Comes Home. Here’s what I’ll be doing in March. Feel free to download my FREE lesson plans. I have combined paid and free products along with crafts and other ideas. Speech and Language Homework for a Year Social Communication Homework for a Year

A magical necklace

This was originally posted 9/18/08 and is being re-posted as part of the Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul blog hop!   Clipart by Krista Wallden @ One of my students is a gorgeous little princess-like girl who is severely language delayed. I spent her entire Kindergarten year trying to figure her out. I probed, tested, guessed, talked to

The Three Snow Bears

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I absolutely adore Jan Brett stories. The illustrations, vocabulary, and story make them top notch. Not surprisingly, I have developed many Speech Therapy Book Companions to go with her books. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to update my book companions, beginning with hers. But before I did this massive overhaul, I had one new companion that

Special Novels that Educators will <3

special novels

This post contains Amazon links. I adore reading. Last year, I somehow managed to read 55 books in spite of my crazy schedule. I especially love fictional books containing strong, awesome characters (who happen to have disabilities)! These books contain similar themes to last week’s post, Special Chapter Books that Educators will <3, but with slightly more adult themes. The