November Speech Lesson Plans 2014

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November!!! My husband will celebrate a BIG birthday; my in-laws are coming to stay for two weeks; I get to bake lots of pumpkin bread. Yay!!!!!! You can download your FREE lesson plans for November here. These plans are separated by level (Level 1: grades K-1, Level 2: grades 2-3, Level 3: grades 4-5, PreK: early language developing, Social: elementary

When the pronoun doesn’t match the gender

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What does “gender variance” mean? When a young girl wants to wear pants, play in the dirt and push construction vehicles, these days she is often referred to as a “tom boy”. When a little boy wants to wear a dress, play with Barbies, or grow his hair, he is called “gay”, a “fairy” or any number of truly unsavory

5 Tips for Running a Social Skills Group (ages 4-7)

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Many of the children on my caseload have social skills goals. So many in fact, that my resource room teacher and myself co-teach 3 different groups, in addition to the work that I do in the speech room with these students. Although our system is constantly evolving depending on our moods and the needs of the students, we have learned

Story comprehension for children with minimal verbal skills

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Three things happened recently at influenced my newest creation: 1. One of my self-contained teachers came to me with a problem this year. She said that she had several new students with story comprehension goals. The problem is that these students are non-verbal and severely motorically impaired. Her question was, “How do I know if they understood the story?” This

The Social Language Informal Assessment

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I don’t know about you, but my gut reaction when I have another child to evaluate with a possible eligibility of social language disorder, is “Oh no! There are no good tests for me!” I know that there are standardized tests that look at “idioms” or “pragmatic judgement” within the context of other language tasks. However, I have yet to

October Speech Lesson Plans 2014

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I adore October for 2 reasons: Pumpkins and Chocolate. I also enjoy the creativity that goes along with Halloween celebrations and the crafts and celebrations (although not the scary ones… I don’t like those!) So I am really excited to have my lesson planning done for this next month. It’s going to be so much fun! You can download your

I quit clicking “LIKE” on Facebook to practice what I preach!

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Three weeks ago I read this article. It got me thinking about my own clicking tendencies. In general, I have been a 50% “like” clicker and 50% commenter. The article made me think of my job and a few potential situations… 1. I am running a social skills group with three pre-teen boys. We have been learning that where someone

Getting organized for play-based therapy!

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33% of my students with speech IEPs are working on very basic 1-3 word utterances (verbally or non-verbally). One of the many ways that I work on their speech goals is to engage them with play-based speech therapy. What is play-based therapy? I use my own approach to therapy, loosely based on Floor Time. A box of toys is chosen

25 Ways to Ask Kids about Their Day

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Both at work AND at home, I am constantly trying to get kids to tell me about their day. Here is a typical conversation: “What did you do today!?” “Nothing.” “Come on, you must have done something!” “I dunno.” Can I hear an “Amen” from anyone else that experiences this on a frequent basis? So I have developed a short

My summer in review

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(Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)   I go back to work in two short days (sniff…) so it is time for me to reflect on some of the amazing things that I have done during this “short” summer! 1. Trips: Thousands of miles of driving with the kids to the mountains, forests, and beaches! And let me assure