Embracing 40 – Why I’m a Fitness Tracker Junkie

  I am a fitness tracker junkie. I’ve been wearing some kind of pedometer for over 15 years. I’ve used simple ones that were free from my doctor, cheap ones that I found at Dollar Tree, and even an expensive one that gave me a horrible burn/rash. Last spring, I purchased one that I really liked called (Amazon affiliate link)

5 Tips for Helping Children Continue a Conversation

I have over a dozen students with social communication goals. Almost every single one of those students has a goal to keep an on-topic conversation going for 3+ turns. Why? Because it is really hard, for my students to do! My talkative students can talk for many turns, but they change the topic at every turn. My quieter students may

Valentine’s Freebie for Blog Subscribers!

I have a special treat that you can use in honor of Valentine’s Day next week! All email subscribers can download this FREEBIE as a thank you from me for being a loyal follower! Please note, that the only way to access this freebie is through your email, so, if you did not receive this post as an email, you

eMerging SLPs: Merging into the Classroom

Merge: A push-in classroom delivery of specially designed services. A question that I hear often from Speech Pathologists is, “How do I successfully merge into the classroom?” Some SLPs try to merge because of parent or administrative pressure to provide services in the “least restrictive environment,” while others are just looking to change their service delivery. In this monthly series

January Monthly Wrap Up with Subscriber Freebie!

January was a huge month for Super Power Speech! I posted an unusually high number of posts in order to get set up for all the fun we will have this year! Super Power Speech also celebrated it’s EIGHTH blog birthday, making it an original if not THE original blog for SLPs! Bonus! All email subscribers can download this FREEBIE

Celebrating My 8th Blog Birthday With Gifts For You!

  Super Power Speech–EmPOWERing SLPs since Blogging Began! Really! I double dog dare you to find a longer-running SLP blog! This groundbreaking original started it all eight years ago today. Take a peek at my first post ever here. Things have changed! Since then, I now have thousands of followers on multiple forms of social media: blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and

The SLP Book Club- Join Today!

I love to read. This was evidenced in 2015 when I hit my personal best 103 books in one year (see the list of books here). As a blogger, I wanted to share my love of reading with all of you and make it into a blog-based conversation! I am starting a virtual book club, and you are all welcome to

February 2016 Lesson Plans

I’m ready for February already! My lesson plans have been done with lots of time to prepare and full of some great ideas. I’m especially excited about sharing my family’s Asian heritage through my Lunar New Year’s product. A few things I’ll be doing this February: Having the SLP Book Club’s first meeting right here on this blog. I’m so

Embracing 40: Healthy Eating

Food and I have have a strange relationship. I’ve never been over-weight, but then again, I have worked hard at my weight and health since I was ten years old. Yes, TEN. Isn’t that awful! I am an avid exerciser, in large part in order to keep my weight in check. And it usually works. But as I approached 40,

Start 2016 inspired and prepared!

It’s a surprise Teachers Pay Teachers Sale and my entire store is 20% off! Plus, you can get an extra 8% off when you use the code “START16” at check out!     This would be the PERFECT time to stock up on items in my February Lesson plans! Or purchase any of these new products from my store: Social

Building Basic Sentences with AAC

I work with three classrooms of minimally/non-verbal students. My ultimate goal for all of these students is SNUG: spontaneous novel utterance generation. Novel utterance generation of and combinations of words will enable my students endless communication possibilities. To facilitate SNUG, the following teaching tools are important for all: Model. All language learners needs hundreds and even thousands of models to learn

Embracing 40: A new series

I am mid-way through my 40th year of life. Wow. In all reality, as a child I never imagined myself living this long. It is not because I was ill or had a family history of early death, but because, like many children, I just couldn’t imagine myself as anything but a child. I am no longer a youth:  I

Assessing Social Language Skills

Assessing social language skills is hard. Beyond hard. You know that a child’s inter-personal skills are off, but how do you put a finger on it? I have one student who is very bright. He will tell you all about how things work, what he is going to do over his weekend, the names of his classmates, etc. But when you

FREE Informal Articulation Assessment

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