January Speech Lesson Plans 2015

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Hurray! Only one more week of school before winter break! But that means…. time to start planning for January NOW! Here’s what I’ll be doing in January. Feel free to download my FREE lesson plans here. I have combined paid and free products along with crafts and other ideas. As an extra  gift, I have created an adorable freebie for

A-Z Alphabet Books for Me!


  I am so excited about my newest product. In fact, I’ve been using parts of it since October! This product follows the “letter of the week” that my self-contained clsses have as a theme. What I love about this book is that there are 26 books (Yep, TWENTY SIX) that are loaded with that letter. They are short, follow

What’s in Your Cart Cyber Monday 2014!


On December 1st and 2nd (2014), there will be a great sale on TpT. Most sellers will put their entire store on 20% off. The holiday BONUS is that if you use the code “TPTCYBER” during check-out, you will get an additional 8% off! Woot! Time to stock up and buy TpT gifts for yourself and your colleagues!   What

December Speech Lesson Plans 2014

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I love the holidays! I can’t wait to put up my tree and start wrapping my homemade gifts! As my gift to you….You can download your FREE lesson plans for December here. These plans are separated by level (Level 1: grades K-1, Level 2: grades 2-3, Level 3: grades 4-5, PreK: early language developing, Social: elementary age social skills). They

I didn’t go Blog Hop

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I am extremely sad to say that I was unable to attend ASHA 2014. In Orlando of all places. Did I mention that I’m FREEEEEEEZING right now? But alas, here I am in the Pacific Northwest, fighting a cold and emailing back and forth with my doctor and trying to write a blog post. If I HAD gone to ASHA,

Wink: a story of community love

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Background: Wink Yesterday, my husband turned forty. Any decade birthday can be a big deal, but this one was especially so. You see, in the beginning of his 30s, my husband (Wink) had everything going for him:  he had young healthy children, he was part way through a graduate program with dreams of a PhD, he was healthy and strong,

5 Tips for Running a Multi-sound Articulation Group

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It is very, very rarely that I get a group of articulation students who are all working on the same sound. However, many materials out there are made for exactly that! One activity. One sound. What is an efficient and goal-minded SLP to do? Here are 5 ways to help get ALL students working on their sounds regardless of how

November Speech Lesson Plans 2014

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November!!! My husband will celebrate a BIG birthday; my in-laws are coming to stay for two weeks; I get to bake lots of pumpkin bread. Yay!!!!!! You can download your FREE lesson plans for November here. These plans are separated by level (Level 1: grades K-1, Level 2: grades 2-3, Level 3: grades 4-5, PreK: early language developing, Social: elementary

When the pronoun doesn’t match the gender

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What does “gender variance” mean? When a young girl wants to wear pants, play in the dirt and push construction vehicles, these days she is often referred to as a “tom boy”. When a little boy wants to wear a dress, play with Barbies, or grow his hair, he is called “gay”, a “fairy” or any number of truly unsavory

5 Tips for Running a Social Skills Group (ages 4-7)

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Many of the children on my caseload have social skills goals. So many in fact, that my resource room teacher and myself co-teach 3 different groups, in addition to the work that I do in the speech room with these students. Although our system is constantly evolving depending on our moods and the needs of the students, we have learned