A Virtual Vacation in Speech

Don’t hate me. My students still haven’t started school. In fact, they won’t start until a few days AFTER Labor Day. My own children (in the district next to where I work) will be two weeks into school before my students return. I know that might sound awesome, but what I’d really truly prefer is to start back earlier and

September 2015 Lesson Plans

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I can’t believe I’m making lesson plans again! I’d forgotten how time consuming the process is (but how rewarding it is to have it all complete and ready to go!). I’m trying out a few new things this year with my lesson plans: I have included my “warm up” and homework activities within the lesson plans. I have added new

Thoughts on… The Beach

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I attended a marine biology camp during the summer after my sophomore year of high school. I had always loved ocean things. I had a fish-covered duvet cover. I had beautiful underwater life prints covering my bedroom walls. I adored “The Little Mermaid” and can still sing every single song from that movie. I was a “fish” and “underwater” girl. 

Fit for a Prince or Princess!

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Update: This unit has been completely updated since it’s original release. It now contains a variety of multicultural princesses AND princes as well as improved clipart and activities. Plus, get a NEW freebie (click on the image below) as a thank you just for reading this post! Although, personally, I am partial to super heroes, I have a number of

Thoughts on…Food

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No lie, when I was eleven years old, I signed myself up for a “healthy body” (aka weight loss) weekly program. By no means was I severely overweight. But I had a tummy. And I was a pre-teen. And I was nervous. My mom had been on and off of weight loss programs for my entire life, and I think

5 Reasons to Use Informal Assessments

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  I have to admit that I inherited pages and pages of probes (aka “drill and kill” lists) when I started at my school 14 years ago. There seemed to be one or more for every language concept imaginable. I tried to use them a few times, but they took over multiple sessions and I never felt like the data

Super Social Skills

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New FREE item added to get you in a SUPER mood! This freebie is a great way to start talking about super goals for the day, lesson, or year! Plus, it can be individualized or made into a group activity. Brainstorm what super social skills you already have and then come up with goals for new ones to learn! Note:

Thoughts on…Blogging

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I dreaded my sophomore year of high school. That was the year that all students in my grade would be taught by Mr. E. He was notorious for being tough. That was the year that we would study “The Odyssey”, “The Book of Job” and other writing that I still consider extremely taxing. Writing had never been my strong subject.

What’s In My Cart? Back to School Sale!


I am so excited that the Back to School sale is happening soon! In fact, I’m going to bring my computer camping with me (and then run off to a coffee shop to get internet) just so I can shop next Monday and Tuesday! All of my materials will be 20% off (and up to 28% off if you use

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

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Updated! This product was updated from it’s original to include forms up to 12th grade and fillable pdfs. If you already own the previous version, go download the new version for FREE! Getting ready to go back to school?? Me too. I am excited about seeing the students. But, oh, the paperwork sure gets overwhelming quickly!  I think I could

Using Animals to Promote Language Skills

Using Animals to Promote Language

Kids love pets. Even kids that do not have any pets, still love to talk about them! My daughter, for example, has been asking forever for a pet. Being the crazy, stressed out, budget conscious mom that I am, I have always and adamantly rejected this request. So this last week for her tutor, she writes an essay about how

Effective Routines in the Speech Room

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I’ve had a desire for several years to make my 30 minute therapy sessions more routine oriented. I want students to know what to expect when they get to speech. I want them to start working as soon as they enter the room, while I frantically gather the rest of my materials. I want them to feel secure in knowing

5 Tips for Running a Social Skills Group (Ages 7-11)

tips for group

Last year, my special education teacher and myself ended up running 3 different social skills groups. They were separated by grade level for scheduling reasons, and each had five students. That’s fifteen social skills students on IEPs in an elementary school! We met on Fridays in the special education classroom. I provided the materials and lesson plan. Although one entire

Learning Vocabulary in the Pool

Vocabulary in Pool

My nephew is at the best age! He is just starting to develop formal language; he has about five verbal words and ten signs. He babbles, follows one step directions (when he feels like it), and imitates (again, when he feels like it). Today, I was able to accompany him at a baby swimming class. I was in the water