Scenes at School (Behaviors in the Playground, Bathroom and Cafeteria)


Learn about Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Behaviors and Social Skills in the Playground, Bathroom and Cafeteria and have fun!
Each of these lessons will take between 1-4 thirty-minute sessions (depending on how in-depth you go). The students write, draw, repeat, and demonstrate thumbs up behavior. When complete, the will leave with a book for each unit (playground, bathroom, cafeteria), practice in the actually setting, and possibly even have photos of themselves practicing thumbs up behaviors.
With adaptations, these lessons are great for preschool all the way up to upper elementary-age students!
Check out my blog post about the unit here.
❤️ “These are fantastic! I love using them in my social skills groups. Practical and engaging for the students. Great to pair with role-playing! “
❤️ “This is such a thorough resource with engaging pictures. A lot of my kiddos who engage in unexpected behaviors unknowingly still recognize expected/unexpected from the pictures, making it a good way to start and continue conversations about behavior. Thank you!”
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