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Some recent SUPER creations!

Here are a few things I’ve created recently in between going through medication withdrawal and progress reports….

A SUPER behavior point sheet for my student with a super hero obsession. (It was because of him that my entire  Super Social Skills  unit was created!)

I created a generic FREEBIE point sheet for all of your Positive Behavior Support kids too! Click here to get yours.

  A SUPER, “I’m not here right now” sheet that is now on my door.

It is folded in half and each side has velcro that attaches to the door. I made this because I have morning meetings 4/5 days per week, but my Speech club students don’t always know if I am running late from a meeting, or if I am absent that day. This way they know if they should wait for me or just go back to class!

And finally (this isn’t new but I just HAD to show it off), our SUPER speech room expectations, created by my amazing and creative SLP-A!!

Hope I’m soon feeling SUPER to go with the theme!

All Super Hero art from Mellonheadz.

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  1. Love these PBIS supports!! They will go perfectly with my superhero theme in my room.

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