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Links to great articulation printables. All free and all very useful!

All speech pathologists need articulation printable pictures and cards! We can do the cutest activity and read the best book working on targeted sounds, but when it gets down and dirty, we just need some worksheets! My favorite articulation printable pictures and cards meet the following standards:

  1. Black and white for easy copying. These also give students an opportunity to color in pictures while others in the group and working on their sounds.
  2. Pictures are two to three inches in size. Big target words require too much paper for printing, and tiny words/cards get lost. My favorites are big enough to color but small enough to easily hold a handful of target words.
  3. Clearly labeled pictures. There is nothing I cannot stand more than having articulation words where I cannot figure out the target word. Plus, labeled pictures help with children’s literacy skills.

The following are my go-to free articulation printables from around the web:

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  1. I love Caroline Bowen. Not a weeks goes by that I don’t use something of hers.

    I know these don’t count as printables because you have to buy them, but I use the No Glamour workbooks for a lot of homework. I love the vocabulary, articulation and language books the most.

  2. Wow you inspire me to sit down with my girl and read out some of these work sheets … especially the B’s she using her augmentative speech device lots lately and has been vocalize more and more. Last night she said Blah 3 times in a row when asked a question by her brother do you want a french fry ? We loved that she was making sounds. I think these are geared toward kids with some speech but it can’t hurt any to give it a try with my girl right.

  3. These are such great resources. Thanks for all of your work compiling them. I know of may families and other professionals that will be as appreciative as me. Happy Father’s Day to your family!

  4. Krista Keleher says:

    Thanks for the links!

  5. Amazing links!

  6. Thanks for the links!

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