Goals for 2011

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These are not New Year’s Resolutions.

I have a New Year’s Resolution.

It’s a longstanding one that I’ve only somewhat been able to keep over the years:
I will not let my metabolism slow down and weight catch up.

That aside, these are (hopefully reasonable) goals inspired by this post from earlier this month.

Read the Bible 6 mornings per week (I’m currently at 5).
Exercise 6 days per week (I’m actually at 6-7 right now post P90x and 30-Day Shred), but I’m not sure how long I can realistically continue that regimen as cold/flu season sets in.

Get 7+ hours of sleep each night (This means going to be at 9pm, which I have been pretty good about this year!).
Read 3 books per month (I’ve read 2 books/month on average for the last 5 years and I’m ready to up that number slightly).
Take Spanish classes (I got a head start on this and signed up for a weekend immersion class next month!).

Go on a date monthly with Professor X (Currently we go on about 2 per year!).
Go away for a night with Professor X.
Find a source for a cheap/used lightweight, fast wheelchair for Professor X.
Encourage the kids to love reading by reading great books (that even I want to read) at least 5 nights per week.
Sponsor another child from Africa New Life (I jumped on this one last week and we are now the sponsors to an adorable 4 year old in Rwanda).
Change our family story to somehow reflect something great. Something that we are all inspired to live for (Possible visit to Rwanda in the future??).

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  1. Congrats on meeting your goals so far–funny how many of yours look like mine!
    And I hope you stick to those date night plans.

  2. That is an impressive and inspiring list of goals. I’ll be cheering you on. jj

  3. that sounds great! I’m impressed.

    Those dates with your spouse are so important. My hubby and I try to have a romantic dinner twice a month, even if one of them is late night here at the house when Queen Teen is asleep.

    I hadn’t heard of Africa New Life. Thanks for the link

  4. Mine tend to be be the same each year as they get lost somewhere along the way!

  5. First off, your blog is fantastic! I love all of your ideas and resources. I am a special education teacher from the US currently teaching in Malaysia and will be moving to Tanzania to teach in July. If you want to check out teaching life in Tanzania, keep my blog in mind. It will be up and running full force when school starts. (roreyrisdon.edublogs.com)

    I also wanted to suggest monthly goals. Instead of setting yearly goals for 2011, I am setting monthly goals and reporting on the progress each month. Here are the ones I have posted for February.


    Thanks again,
    Miss Rorey

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