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These one-page book companion sheets can be used with your entire caseload. Because the stories are online (read by professional actors), no book purchases are necessary. Use these book companion pages during face-to-face therapy, online therapy, or give to parents for home practice.

There are two versions of this product.

Printable PDFs

  • •Print out desired pages and use in synchronous sessions or send home to families to complete at home.
  • •Email PDFs to families to print out or do verbally.

Editable Google Slides

  • •To use the Editable Google Slides, you must have a Google account.
  • •Once the Google Slides are open in edit mode, you can type text into the blue text boxes.
  • THIS VIDEO introduction (for Storyline Online #2) gives tips on how to use Google Slides for therapy.

TEN book companions included:

  • A Bad Case of Stripes
  • A Tale of Two Beasts
  • Enemy Pie
  • Lotus & Feather
  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
  • Rent Party
  • Sophie’s Masterpiece
  • Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
  • The Coal Thief
  • The Hula-Hooping Queen

All stories can be found at


Language Level 1 – Students working on lower elementary language skills

  • Story grammar
  • Simple vocabulary
  • Functions
  • Antonyms
  • Categories
  • Opinions
  • Describing
  • Rate the story

Language Level 2 – Students working on upper elementary language skills

  • Story grammar
  • Challenging vocabulary
  • Multiple meaning words
  • Higher-level questions
  • Opinion of the story

Articulation – Students working on sounds in words and sentences

  • Beginning
  • Medial
  • Final
  • Create and answer a question
  • Sentences

Social Skills – Students working on social pragmatic skills and feelings

  • Feelings
  • Unexpected events
  • Things characters could have done differently
  • Pragmatics
  • Inferential questions
  • Rate the story


Q: Should I buy Storyline Online Book Companions (original) or Storyline Online Book Companions #2?

A: It doesn’t matter! Take a look at the books listed and decide on the ones you think your students would like the most!

Q: Do I need to buy the books?

A: No! All books are read in their entirety online and there are links provided

Q: Can I assign these stories to students to do independently?

A: Yes! Within the “read first” section I give ideas on how to assign in print or digitally with students

Q: Are these just for speech therapy?

A: No! Any children can use these companions to work on comprehension, retelling, and vocabulary skills!

Q: Does the child need to know how to read to use this product?

A: No! All books are read aloud.


Synchronous therapy: use the screenshare feature of your video meeting platform.

Asynchronous activity: email your student the PDF or link to the Google slides.

Wondering how to use PDFs in distance learning? Check out ideas here!


Terms of use for distance learning

You may:

  • Print and distribute to families
  • Email to families
  • Upload to a secure site such as Google Classroom
  • Use onscreen during a telepractice session

You may not:

  • Share with other professionals
  • Upload to an open-access website (such as your school’s website)
  • Upload to an open-access Google Drive or other shared drives



❤️ “This has been an exceptional resource. I love using one story to target goals of all my students. This makes planning for mixed groups much easier. Thank you for all your hard work putting this together.”


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