Snowmen at Night Book Companion for Speech & Language


This unit is designed to accompany the story, Snowmen at Night” by Carolyn Buehner. The book is not included in this download. The activities in this unit are designed to foster language and articulation skills while also learning from a great picture book.
I highly recommend putting each section into a page protector sleeve and then clipping all of the sleeves together. This method of organization makes it very easy to find and organize your materials.
14 pairs of Vocabulary Cards (pages 4—7)
2 Vocabulary Worksheets (page 8—9)
Vocabulary Game (page 10)
Grammar–Regular & irregular past tense, progressive verbs
12 pairs of Regular Grammar Cards (pages 12—14)
Regular Grammar Worksheet (page 15)
12 pairs of Irregular Grammar Cards (pages 16–18)
Irregular Grammar Worksheet (page 19)
What is the Child Doing Game (page 20)
Basic Concepts
Winter Scene (page 22)
24 Receptive Basic Concepts Cards (pages 23—24)
8 Expressive Basic Concepts Pictures (page 25)
Basic Concepts Worksheet (page 26)
Parts of a Snowman (page 28)
My Snowman (pages 29)
Sequencing Steps (page 30)
Story Comprehension
Story Comprehension Spinner (page 32)
Story Map Worksheet (page 33)
Story Retelling Rubric (page 34)
Game Board (pages 35—36)
16 mixed /k, g/ Cards (pages 38—39)
16 mixed /l/ and /l-blends/ Cards (pages 40—41)
16 mixed /r/ and /r-blends/ Cards (pages 42—43)
16 mixed /s, z/ and /s-blends/ Cards (pages 44—45)
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“This is a great resource to help expand use of a terrific book!”
“This book is one of my top picks during winter time and this book companion was extremely helpful. Thanks for putting together a great product!”
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