Everything Articulation File Folders


All pediatric SLPs need low-prep, easy-to-access articulation materials. Everything Articulation File Folders has you covered from auditory bombardment all the way up through conversation.

And the best part… no cards, no sorting, no headaches. Just grab and go!

Research shows the benefits of focusing on one to two sounds and working on them for a specified period of time OR until mastery. This product includes both research and ASHA’s information about effective articulation therapy.

Each file folder concentrates on one sound and builds up (NOTE – blends folders are set up differently at the word level):

  • Auditory bombardment lists
  • Visual lip/tongue placement for sounds in isolation
  • 30 words with initial sound position (divided by 1, 2, 3 syllable)
  • 20 words with medial sound position (divided by 1, 2 syllable)
  • 30 words with final sound position (divided by 1, 2, 3 syllable)
  • 10 phrase starters to be used with the word lists
  • 40 sentences divided by initial, medial, final, & mixed sound position
  • 4-6 reading passages with mixed sound position
  • 10 conversation starters

Sounds included in this download:

  • /ch/
  • /f/
  • /g/
  • initial /r/ and /kr-, gr-blends/
  • /k/
  • /l/
  • /l-blends/
  • /s/
  • /s-blends/
  • /sh/
  • /t/
  • /th/ (mixed voiced and voiceless)
  • vocalic /r/

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❤️ “This is a great product! Everything in one place!!”

❤️ “So convenient; makes therapy much more productive!”



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