Be Brave Be Kind

Be brave and be kind. Every day.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

My “word of the year” was supposed to be “calm”. I had every intention of learning calming techniques, looking into yoga, doing some meditating, etc. However, things have changed. I’m not calm right now, and that is okay. In fact, when you feel passionate, it is even good to forego the calm and strive towards a goal. Even Jesus, when impassioned, was fired up and not serene (e.g. Matthew 3:7).

I will be BRAVE; I will be KIND.

I will focus my energy on doing the hard things while (usually) trying to be kind, including:

  1. Stick up for friends and acquaintances being criticized behind their back.
  2. Bravely state my opinion, but do it without putting those I care about down.
  3. Encourage one person with words every day, even strangers.
  4. Give smiles recklessly; even when they are uncomfortable.
  5. Give hugs; even when it is hard.
  6. Create a list of kind things to do with my family.
  7. Listen; make eye contact and really hear what others are saying.
  8. Be patient with others; I don’t know what challenges they are facing today!
  9. Avoid negativity on social media, unless I believe that my comments or sharing can have a positive impact.
  10. Stop whining and start fighting for what I believe in.

To help your students be kind, I have added a new free resource to my resource library!

Free kindness resource for email subscribers!

I have also created an inexpensive resource for my TpT store which includes a poster on kindness, a social lesson, and an activity. These kindness questions are divided by language level so that you can use the appropriate cards within a mixed group. Grab it here.

Free lessons for all students K-5

If you need even more inspiration, watch Kid President. He can inspire even the most cynical of us!

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