The Road to a Fabulous Day

Road to fabulous day

This summer I read a ton of books about scheduling, making the most of your day, setting goals, and being mindful. I’m so glad that I read them over the summer because now that I’m in the midst of work chaos, I can barely think straight!

I have boiled down much of my reading into 5 essential tips for having a fabulous day. I hope they are helpful to you as well!

1. Take care of your body.

Some of the first things that you do each day should be promoting your health. When your body isn’t doing well, your day is not going to go well. Determine some goals to help take care of your body every single day. I make it priority to drink a full 32 ounce water bottle of water before getting to work. It helps me feel hydrated and flushes out my system. I also try to get in exercise four to five mornings a week. For me, this usually involves going to the gym. If the gym is not possible for you, a morning walk or DVD can get you going.

2. Be quiet.

Take three to ten minutes to clear your mind. Sit in silence. Pray. Meditate. Read. My morning goal is to read my Bible for a few minutes, write down a verse that spoke to me, and then think about that verse with my eyes shut for three minutes. Do something quiet and restorative to get yourself in the right frame of mind to conquer your day.

3. Plan.

Write down what you are doing that day and what you need to accomplish. Put it in writing and don’t just make a mental note of it. You will probably forget. Each morning, I sit with my hot coffee and plan out my day. I write down what is going on that day for myself and my family. I take note of the dinner menu. I list what I want to work on during the day with check boxes. I love checking things off! I then go the extra step of writing down pertinent information for the family on the kitchen white board (dinner, to-do, schedule). (Click here to get a coupon off of your own Erin Condren planner!)

4. Get ready the night before.

Nothing puts a damper on exercise, quiet time, and planning more than running around to choose clothes and make lunches. As much as I hate coming home from work and immediately re-packing for the next day, it is a huge life saver when morning comes. My alarm goes off before 5:00am. I am barely conscious when I stumble out of bed. It is essential for me to have these basic things set already taken care of. I highly recommend that if you do not yet have a “night before” routine, that you establish one right away.

5. Say “Good Morning!”

On a trip this summer, I ran on a circular path every day. I noticed how friendly people were on this loop. Almost every person that I passed would wish me a good morning. I made a goal of bringing home these greetings. For the remainder of summer, on my walks/runs, I would say “Good morning!” to at least ten people that I passed. When said with a smile, it almost forced me into a good mood. That is quite an accomplishment when panting and dripping sweat at 6:30 in the morning! Now that work has started and I’m into old routines, I have to make an extra effort to greet people. It is much easier to avoid eye contact and stumble into my room at work than it is to cheerfully greet others.


Good Morning

Have you tried any or all of these things to set yourself up for a fabulous day? Are there any tips that I am forgetting?

In case I forget to say it later, “Good morning to you!”

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  1. I think greetings are a bit regional too. Much more friendly here in TN than my home state in the midwest. This summer when I walked the Greenway regularly in the mornings everyone greeted me. Now I do after work walks-not as friendly a crowd. Too funny. Getting enough sleep is huge for me. Cooking enough for leftovers in lunches is important. I love lists too. Am not an early riser but I’ve been doing the First 5 app for devotions and try to listen to positive podcasts while getting ready. No news watching! I need to do better on drinking water though. You inspire me. School year schedule is definitely more regimented. Even weekends have to have prep in them or my week doesn’t run smoothly. Great post.

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