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Magical Social Skills

Update: This product has been completely updated! If you own the previous version, make sure to download the new version for FREE!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

If you know me at all, you may know that I have a love affair with Harry Potter. Honestly, I have been completely enamored by Hermione Granger. I don’t want to marry her. I want to BE her.

I take it as a huge source of pride that Emma Watson chose to attend my Alma matter (at least for a time) and one of the best alumni interviews I’ve had was with a young man who looked surprisingly like the “boy who survived”. It should come as little surprise, therefore, that I would develop a unit with a magical theme. And since my Super Social Skills has worked out so well (both for me and others…see the comments!), I made this magical themed unit into a social skills lessons.

I hope you love magic (and these lessons) as much as I do!

First start yourself off with a FREEBIE! These free conversation cards are perfect for Magical Social Skills or anytime you want to get kids talking!

Screenshot 2015-09-07 07.59.08

Now take a look at this truly magical social skills unit! This could last a few months if you do each lesson!

Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.45.34 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.45.49 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.45.55

You get buy this unit here! Enjoy!

And remember that social skills should be MAGICAL!!

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  1. Oh this is sooo awesome, and is right on target for what my students need! I would love to win this for my speech class. I have several social groups that this would be fantastic for! Way to go!

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing social skills pack! Its incredibly versatile and targets not just social skills but listening comprehension, vocabulary, problem solving, and executive function skills. it would be terrific to win it!

  3. i think the clip art and theme are super cute. The students i could use this activity with are currently reading the first book in class.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE Harry Potter! And I love this packet too! This would be so great for my social skills groups πŸ™‚

    -Courtney P.

  5. I love it!! Before seeing your blog post, I saw its posting on TpT and my first thought was, wow, that looks just like Harry Potter!! Great theme!! My kids are going to have a HOOT with this! Thank you! maria.wellman@gmail.com

  6. You have done it again! I think the visual posters are so cool because you can hang them around your room as reminders of what our students are working on. This one is going on my wishlist…..unless I win of course!

  7. This would be great for my social skills group!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very versatile packet! I love that it comes with ‘power cards’. Seems like it will be very fun for a wide range of kids! Very creative

  9. This is absolutely covered in AWESOME SAUCE!! I am constantly on the lookout for new activities for my social group. As a fan of HP, this one has me over the moon!

  10. OMG! Not only is the clip art fantastic but the contents can be so versatile. I really like the posters too, you can never have to many visual aides. Pragmatic mischief would definitely be managed with this packet πŸ˜‰

  11. You make great packets, this one included. It is so much easier to work on social skills with these motivating materials.

  12. This looks like one fabulous pack and I could do so much with it! The mind is spinning with possibilities!

  13. Amazing! I love Harry Potter too and had a marathon of movies this weekend with my husband. This is going on my wishlist! I have loved your superhero and princess social skills packet and this looks to be another great and very useful tool!

  14. You are AMAZING! I love the theme, and the skills you targeted. This would be perfect for my kiddos. So you should obviously pick me πŸ˜‰ Great job, CC!

  15. Love, love, love this! I always go to your tPt site and see what great ideas you have. My students will love this πŸ™‚

  16. This is amazing! I just began collaborating with my school social worker this year. We are running social language groups together. This packet would be very useful! We have been targeting problem solving, thinking about others, how to be a friend, inferring, and staying on topic with our students.

  17. Love Harry Potter too! A versatile activity that targets so many skills. It is going on my wishlist.

  18. Great job on this packet! Love that it targets a variety of skills and the theme will hold their attention!

  19. I love Harry Potter! The magic theme will be so fun! I have many students who would benefit from this packet:)

  20. Great activities! Seems to go a bit deeper with the social skills,vs just skimming many topics!

  21. This is just fantastic. Love all that you have included. Its great content and cute graphics. Definite must have for me!

  22. I added this to my wish list! Love Harry Potter and it is always great to get a packet of activity for social skill development.

  23. Too cute! And nice to have “older elementary” resources.
    I also have a girl crush on Emma. She’s so classy and seems like she’s pretty “real.”

  24. Looks fabulous! congrats on all the likes! I love Harry Potter. It is my go to series of movies when I need to do work with the TV on in the background. This social skills packet looks ideal for a group of students I am working with as it hits upon everything we are targeting. πŸ™‚

  25. This packet looks amazing!!! My kiddos working on social skills always want different packets to work on to change it up and I would looove to have this!

  26. This is such a wonderful packet! I work in a school with a high number of students with ASD or SLCN and associated social interaction difficulties. For the vast majority of them, Harry Potter is their special interest. This would be such an amazing packet to own, I know it would make their term if I had this after Easter break.

    You make wonderful resources, keep up the incredible work πŸ™‚


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