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This was my downstairs/finished basement last week:

2013-11-09 16.07.02

Now don’t get me wrong, I am actually NOT an early Christmas decorator. I have dubbed the day after Thanksgiving “Christmas Decoration Day!” (and a little shopping too). But downstairs severely needed light. And I was too lazy/cheap to go buy more torch lights. So out came the strings of Christmas lights!

And maybe it was my basement that inspired me, but I really wanted to get a jump on the season this year with my speech activities. So this week I created a bunch! And then I combined my 4 new activities with 2 of my fabulous book companions (Gingerbread Baby and Polar Express) and an Articulation product to make an amazing Holiday Bundle!

Holiday Bundle

You can read all about my Gingerbread Baby Book Companion here, and my Polar Express Book Companion here.

Screenshot 2013-11-19 04.54.26 Screenshot 2013-11-19 04.54.45

Here are the NEW things I’ve been busy creating:

Screenshot 2013-11-17 08.24.11

I am so excited about “Christmas Around the World” because I learned sooooo much while creating it! Not only will you learn about the Christmas traditions of 8 different countries, but the students work on listening comprehension, vocabulary, and compare/contrast with the sheets below!

Screenshot 2013-11-17 13.16.23

Then each country passage comes with information about the traditions and foods of that culture as well as picture vocabulary (color and black/white) to help with filling out the worksheets! The countries included are: Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, United States. I would have loved to include some other countries from Asia and Africa, but I didn’t have the clipart. ๐Ÿ™

Screenshot 2013-11-17 13.16.34

Screenshot 2013-11-17 13.16.45

8 lessons for late elementary/middle school DONE! Get it here.

Here was my next creation:

File Folder Categories: Christmas/Birthday (FREE) is a fun way to work on categorization skills. And because it is a file folder activity, it can be done independently (or with the help of an assistant) in the classroom!

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.26.09

Here are the pages in the download:Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.27.28

And this is how you set it up (Velcro and file folder not included):Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.27.45Grab the freebie here.

Next up was an activity for my Kindergarten/1st grade students: Holiday Pronouns.

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.33.52This download relies on the 4 pronoun pages: He/Him, She/Her, It, Them/Them and the delicious Christmas cookies that they want to eat!

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.36.28

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.36.47There are 3 levels of game play: 24 cards for Simple Pronoun Directions, 24 cards for Detailed Pronoun Directions, and 24 cards for 2-step Detailed Pronoun Directions. Good for a multitude of students. And yummy.

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.37.49

You can get it here.

And my final holiday creation works on social skills (and I have LOT of kids working on social skills!): Holiday Social Skills.

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.43.33

There is a social story, worksheet, and game/activity for 4 areas:

Thinking about Others:

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.53.51
Asking Questions about Others:

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.48.12 Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.48.27

Keeping the Topic Going:

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.49.06

Feelings of Others:

Screenshot 2013-11-17 14.49.45

Get this unit here.

These should be MORE than enough to get you through your holiday season! Leave the stress for gift wrapping, not for planning lessons!

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  1. Such a wide variety of targets – this is my first year working in the schools – these products would be so helpful as I am still working to accumulate holiday themed activities!

  2. Love all your ideas and products! I would have probably added more lights the same way as you did ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ooh! Really love your holiday bundle! Good deal, too!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This bundle looks awesome…love your products!!

  5. This bundle is great!! This would be great for my students

  6. Love your “Christmas Around the World” – would be great for my EAL kids – learn about those, then have them complete a blank about their own home country.

  7. Heather k says:

    Looks he a great bundle! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jen Shamberger says:

    I love your Christmas Around the World packet! It looks great. I am always looking for non-fiction material to work on listening comprehension. I also like your file folder game for holiday categorization. I have a lot of students who could use that one too!

  9. Looks great! The social skills portion seems incredible and I LOVE the idea of Christmas around the world!

  10. These activities look exciting! Just perfect to ring in the holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for all you make and share!! You are such an inspiration to SLPs, wives and mothers everywhere!!

  12. Love the entire packet! Especially excited about the Christmas around the world.

  13. Such a great bundle. I love the file folder and pronoun activities!

  14. What lovely creations! I am really getting excited about Christmas now. Thanks for the blog post.

  15. A great bundle of your fantastic materials. It looks like it includes something for 90% of my caseload. This would be great to have, an early Christmas present.

  16. Kristen Marshall says:

    All of these activities are wonderful! I think my favorite is the pronoun activity because it targets following directions as well. Targeting multiple goals is always a plus when working in schools.

  17. These products are amazing!! I love the Christmas Around the World, such a creative idea!

  18. Abby Howard says:

    Love these! I lack interesting theme activities for my older kids! This would be great and it includes my younger kiddos, too! Fabulous packet!

  19. Susan Meek says:

    This is awesome! Love the social skills activities. This could definetly get me through until Christmas..lots of fun stuff!

  20. Katylin K says:

    I love the social skills and the holiday traditions around the world! I want to read them to learn about traditions for myself. I’m sure my students would love it!

  21. This bundle would greatly help with the students at my new school. The activities are well thought out and adorable! I especially like “Keeping the topic going” activity as I have a handful of students working on this goal and finding creative activities for this is challenging for me.

  22. I love this packet! This looks really good to use with my kiddos. The social skills activities would be great for them.

  23. Nicole Slough says:

    I love this bundle. Have several kids that would love the social skills segment.

  24. Stephanie says:

    Wow! This is an amazing bundle that could be used by so many of my kids!

  25. Amy Carlton says:

    I love this packet! I have many of your materials and know that these would not disappoint!

  26. I love your products! This would be handy with my elementary students, especially Christmas around the world! So unique!

  27. Such a wide variety of activities, great for our kiddos!

  28. Fabulous looking bundle! I especially like the pronoun activity.

  29. I could use so much of these in so many different ways! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  30. Heather Rabinovich says:

    This bundle looks great! The Christmas around the world sheets would be helpful for my students : )

  31. First off, I am so jealous you have a basement! I would LOVE one, but sadly they are not very common where I live. ๐Ÿ™
    Secondly, as always, more stellar activities from you, CC! I absolutely love your materials- always so well thought out with so many activities to reach so many levels! Thanks for putting together such a great packet with enough time to get them printed, laminated and ready before December is here!!!!

  32. Looks like a great package! Hope your holiday is filled with many blessings!

  33. Lauren Lockwood says:

    This is an incredible bundle–I would love to use it with my students! Thank you for taking your time & talent to put this together ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Wow! A lot of time and work went into these! They look super fun=}

  35. Huge bundle! Look forward to using it!!!

  36. Love this Holiday pack! It’s got such a variation of skills incorporated which will make it easily useable for my young ones and older ones. Also, I appreciate the book companions you do (my kiddos get so excited when I pull out a book!)

  37. Deanna mines says:

    Looks like some great materials! Just the kinds of things I’ve been looking for!!! Thank you for being so creative!!

  38. Would love to use this with my students!!
    Looks fantastic.

  39. What fabulous activities! Exploring multiple targets at different ages. Something for each of the kids on my caseload I would be sure. You are generous to offer this as a freebee to not only one but two fellow SLPs. Keeping kids excited and engaged isn’t always easy but with materials like these it’ll be tough. I especially like the Christmas Around the World. At my school, we have a growing population of immigrant students that I would love to use this with. Its on my wish list.

  40. All of these products are now on my wish list. I just need to get through this week and then I can start thinking about Christmas! I just love your creativity!

  41. LOTS of great materials to target a wide variety of goals!

  42. Great variety of products. I really like your Christmas around the world packet – I can actually use it in my schools. We have lots of EAL students in my one school – I know the EAL teacher would love it!

  43. Wow! Lots of activities to target with many of my groups!

  44. I could use each and every one of these.

  45. Wow! These activities target all of my students goals! My school is very diverse and the kids would love learning about how others celebrate(and so would I)! Thanks for making this bundle/ activities!

  46. What an amazing collection of holiday themed materials. Looks like you’ve put in a tremendous amount of work into each and everyone. Would love the opportunity to win.

  47. Krista Keleher says:

    This looks AWESOME!! So many activities that target a lot of goals! I love your products!

  48. Reshella Leary says:

    Love this awesome bundle! Thanks for sharing and a giveaway! Hope you and your family have a memorable holiday season!

  49. Cassandra S says:

    Nice variety! Thanks for the opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Cristine Beach says:

    What a wonderful holiday pack filled with a variety of targets! You definitely put a lot of time into this one!

  51. Carly May says:

    I would LOVE to own this bundle. I’m in my CF year and everything helps!

  52. Your product are always so neat! I actually bought the same clip art for Christmas Around the World and started a packet a week or so ago…. AND I’m 95% done with a book companion for The Polar Express. Clearly, great minds really do think alike…

  53. Amy Roberts says:

    These are great activities, and such a variety! These would definitely take care of my lesson plans until Christmas!

  54. This time of year I’m so far behind I think I’m ahead, I could use a break

  55. Danielle Avedissian says:

    These holiday activities look awesome! This bundle would work for almost all of my students!

  56. This looks great! I especially like the Social Skills and Christmas Around the World packets. I have so many kiddos working on social skills and comparing/contrasting this year that would really benefit from this awesome bundle. Thank you for creating such thoughtful and creative materials, and for sharing them with all of us!

  57. Christine M says:

    What an incredible holiday bundle! These look amazing and so much fun!

  58. awesome work!! where do you find the time??

  59. I love getting holiday themed activities. I am excited about new activities.

  60. I love the variety of materials! There’s something for every kid on my caseload. I also love that all the planning would be done! Awesome!

  61. I am definitely a “decorate-the-day-after-Thanksgiving” type. Your products look so fun!!!

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