Super Woman vs the Snow Beast

Aka: Our Vacation. Super Woman Style.

There has been a cast change because the actress who had formerly played Super Woman is MIA.

With more fury than seen for over 40 years,


It got pretty ugly on the street and sidewalk. We were stuck in the house for almost a week.




Alas, sledding would not get her to vacation location. After 2 canceled flights and missing Christmas with the family, Super Woman got desperate.


While on vacation,


see my review of this book here. But save your money and don’t bother with the movie.



No. We have no plans to get a dog anytime soon. We can’t even keep our fish alive.



Which goes with her New Year’s Resolution:


However, the resolution does not go well with the overall theme of our journey…


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  1. Ack! You’ve been demoted to Elasta Girl. Marvel Girl and the Flash had better find the real actress… and soon!

    As to the rodent book – we gave that to my nephew for Christmas. And I, too, am sad that the movie was a dud.

  2. Uhm so you vacationed in a movie theater? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Me too! We saw Doubt and Milk (minus the kids)

    Glad to have you back, I was beginning to worry.

  3. Hey, glad you are back. You were missed. Wish I had those Jelly Bellies by me right now!

  4. Girl, you’re a hoot!

    And BTW, upload your photos elsewhere, ie, flickr or photobucket (with bigger dimension) and just link to them using an img tag.

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!

  5. This cracks me up!
    Glad you had a good vacation, even if you did have to drag the plane.

  6. Your vacation sounds awesome! :o)

    I am suffering from vacation “hangover” today. Want to come watch my kids and make this blasted snow STOP!


  7. I am so glad you are back!

    I am sorry to hear you had such a wreck of a vacation. It must have been stressful. Candy and diet coke are good coping methods and I am sure you will recover in no time. LOL!

  8. So glad you are back…Happy New Year!!

    Sorry to hear about all your travel troubles…I guess I should not complain about the 8 hour ride we had!!

    Hope 2009 is filled with Health and Happiness!


  9. I think you’ve found a second career! You could turn the tales of your life into comic books–with photo pictures! I’d read them!

    Sorry about the travel troubles. And thanks for the heads up on the movie. I’ll read the book instead!

  10. Love the travelogue! I totally agree with you on the movie reviews too.

    Happy New Year!!

  11. You are too funny!! And absolutly adore the conversation with yourself!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the movie…

  12. I love these…good luck with those push-ups!

  13. That is quite a Coke for Super Woman! Thanks for the chuckle:D

  14. Wow! That was exciting – The action! The intrique!

    So… Desperaux (did I spell that right? Too lazy to check) was no good but Bolt was great? Good to know. Thanks!

    Glad you got away on vacation… Did I wish you a Happy New Year yet? Not sure, so: Happy New Year!

  15. Man…I had to read it twice….what a story….I was worried there for a minute….

  16. Yay for sugar…no wait, thats wrong, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Okay, I’m apparently out of the know…what is the rodent book??

  17. Oh no! I was so hoping that Desperaux the movie was going to be good. We also read the book in anticipation and loooooved it. We also recently read Coraline to prep for the movie version as well.

    I am glad that you liked Bolt because I loved it. And I love the way you captured all your adventures on film like this. hee hee.

  18. Oh my word, you are too darn funny! I love the visual. LOL

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