It’s Not As Bad As It Looks

The Flash has a wee bit of difficulty keeping his precious Pooh Bear in bed with him all night long. And he has been known to regularly occasionally wake up in groggy terror yelling for his best friend.

So… The Flash developed this handy-dandy Pooh Bear-keeper. Simply tie a belt to the bed rail and insert Pooh Bear’s neck into the other end. Wa-la! He’ll never fall to the floor again.


He’s not cruel.

He’s creative!

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  1. This looks like something A.A. Milne should have included in the book Now We Are Six.

  2. Fortunately Pooh is a bear of very little brain. I’ll bet it didn’t hurt at all.

  3. Brilliant. Good to see that superpowers run in the family.

  4. Very clever. Although I hope little sis is not too afraid of dangling Pooh.

  5. Oh I adore THAT. I’d say creative is RIGHT!

  6. *snort*

    I know creative genius when I see it. That? Was hawt.

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