Heaven is a tricycling adventure

They could barely make it up even half of the slight incline. But boy did they try! They so wanted to be just like their brothers.

Tricycling on a tiny campground road. In the middle of the forest. Surrounded by beauty and friends. Heaven.

Oh to be young again!

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  1. Great picture!
    I miss camping =(…. and riding my bike =(

    That girl

  2. Very fun picture! I bet it won’t be long and they will get the hang of it!

  3. such a sweet picture! you can tell they are trying so hard!

  4. What a great picture. It’s always so sad/cute to watch the little ones try to be like their older siblings.

  5. Love the picture. And the picture that you paint sounds just as nice. Those little ones need to remember not to rush it too much. 🙂 They grow quickly enough as it is.

  6. Such a great capture! That photo will hold a great memory too.

    Please VISIT My PSF. Thanks!

  7. Oh, I LOVE that shot!!! I’m always partial to walking behind the kids pictures, but this is hands down one of my new favorites! Its perfect!

  8. Oh, what a great picture..
    I am loving the helmets..

  9. What a great moment captured!!

    I love your blog… I really enjoyed scrolling down and reading some of your recent posts and I so Love finding a treasure like those pins at the dollar store!

  10. I can just picture their little legs a pumpin’! Too cute!

  11. oh how cute! professional looking photo, too!
    if i could have any superpower, i would probably choose invisibility. or maybe shape shifter

  12. How precious! I love the picture. The colors are so vibrant (and the location gorgeous)!

  13. What a lovely shot! I love camping. 🙂 Can’t wait to do it with children some day.

  14. What a great shot!

    Frame it, frame it now!

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  16. We only camped once this year, I was sure hoping to get to go more. The kiddos look they had a lot of fun!

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