Owl Babies

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This is an adorable young children’s book about 3 baby owls. They wake up one night to find their mother missing. Each page you overhear the owls’ thoughts as they worry, come up with excuses, and reveal how much they miss their mommy! The artwork is fabulous. Great short story!

Speech Therapy Ideas:

1. Books with repetitive lines are great for kids working on language. “I want my mommy!” Is repeated multiple times throughout the book. Have your child repeat this sentence, or just point to them to indicate it is their turn to “read” the line. Also, this could be said with a one step voice output device, like a BigMack.

2. This book is good for younger children. It contains a lot of easy /m/ sounds. Good for very early sound development. Pucker your lips. Point to them. Over-emphasize the /mmmmmmmm/ to help your child produce them.

3. Vocabulary to work on for older children: ivy, noctural, miss, patient, branch

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  1. I *heart* this book. I used it during my internship oh-so-long ago (back in 2000). We did a unit on owls. Such fun. Such memories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the review- it sounds like a good one for both my 3 and 6 year old!

  3. Cute book. I just placed an Amazon order. I am going to check this one out for my next order.

  4. Finally a book we already have! Yay me!

    Thanks for the new reading tips!

  5. My mum bought this book to read to my daughter. It’s lovely.

    She decided not to read it the first night my daughter stayed there alone though as she thought it would upset her!

  6. Chase’s favorite book. When my husband reads it to the kids, he replaces Owl Mommy for Owl Daddy. And Percy says, “I want my Daddy.”

  7. I love this book – bought it for my son many years ago.

    I’ve just been catching up with your recent entries. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) for 10th June. Mine was today (12th)

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