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I know that I said all Wordless Wednesdays this month would be about Sign Language…but I think the class I was going to teach will be canceled (due to lack of enrollment). 🙁 So I am going to share something from yesterday.

Yesterday marked a very sad day. After 6 years of working privately with a young lady, I had my last speech therapy session with her yesterday. She will be moving far, far away in a few weeks. She uses high-technology Augmentative Communication (along with sign language, and picture boards). I have seen her grow and develop so much in her language skills in the last 6 years. Although therapists at one point in her early life did not think she’d be successful with Augmentative Communication, she now is speaking in 10+ word sentences, correctly using tenses, verbs, descriptions, etc. A lot of this growth has been in her teenage years.

She is an awesome young lady and I hope one day I’ll have another client as fun and hardworking as her.

Here is a story that I made for her and gave her yesterday:

Once upon a time, there was a lovely lady.



She lived in a beautiful, but rainy place.

She loved to race people,


laugh at jokes,


and talk to her friends.


The lady used many rockin’ communication systems to tell her jokes and talk to her friends.



People thought that her communication systems were cool, but not as cool as her.


One day, the lady told everyone she was moving far away.

Everyone was so sad to hear this news.

But we knew that she needed to be shared with others around the world.

I wish you great happiness in your new home. At night, I will open my window and listen for your laughter from far away.

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  1. The princess is going forth prepared by a wonderful fairy godteacher.

  2. I can only imagine how tough it was to say goodbye. What a beautiful story you wrote for her! I hope she will go on to touch and bless many lives like she has yours.

  3. How thoughtful… such a sad and wonderful story all in one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are awesome – this was so sweet!

  5. What a wonderful memory she will have. Beautiful story for her to keep forever. WTG!

  6. This is such a neat story! How great that you could show her how you feel and encourage her about moving on.

  7. Aww – it sounds like she’s had a teacher who has prepared her well to move on. Good luck to her!

  8. I think you have found your Super Power, the gift of kindness. Nicely done, I know this woman will go far with a send-off like yours.
    Can you come be my son’s SLP now?! LOL!

  9. Great stories of your journey with this girl and the one you wrote for her.

  10. Ok we are looking to move and I now I know I want to move to where you are! GREAT story and so much thought put into it! Well done.

  11. I bet she loved the story you made for her. :o)

  12. awwww… this is a very sweet and sad post… it’s hard to watch someone you care about leave but yet you know they’ll gain lots more experiences.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i’ll be sure to check back on your soon!

  13. What a sweet and kind story you made for her. You’re kind of a sap, huh? 😉

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