Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs (Speech Therapy Book Companion)


Language activities to go with my new favorite picture book by Mo Willems (author of all the Pigeon books)! My favorite part about this book is that it can be used for all of elementary school (K-5th grades) based on the simple story but also complex non-literal language and vocabulary!
Book not included in this unit, but easily attainable at bookstores or libraries.
Work on all of your language needs: Vocabulary, Phrases, Grammar, Story Morals, Sarcasm, Perspective Taking, Complex Sentences, Story Sequencing/Retelling.
Unit includes:
-Vocabulary (24 pairs of cards total, Homework/Worksheets at 2 different levels)
-Phrases Matching Worksheet
-Synonyms (5 sets)
-Regular past tense (10 pairs of cards, Homework/Worksheet)
-Irregular Past Tense (10 pairs of cards, Homework/Worksheet)
-Moral of the Story Explaining Worksheet
-Sarcasm (Identification, Expression, Create your own)
-Perspective Taking (2 pages from the beginning and end)
-Complex/Compound Sentences (Game board with Conjunctions, 24 Clause cards)
-Story Sequencing/Retelling (10 picture sequencing cards, Story Map, Story Comprehension Question Cube, Story Retell Rubric)

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