A-Z Alphabet Books For Me!


A-Z Alphabet Books for Me is the perfect alphabet/story product for any children working on the alphabet/phonics as well as kids needing picture support to retell stories and answer comprehension questions (including picture communication and eye gaze!)
These 26 stories (one for each letter of the alphabet) are an awesome find for:
★ Preschool Teachers
★ Kindergarten Teachers
★ Speech Pathologists
★ Special Education Teachers
★ ELL Teachers
I have been using these stories in my self-contained classrooms this year and one teacher said, “I could write entire IEP goals just around these stories!” To which I responded, “I already have! I made story comprehension goals for a child who uses eye-gaze and with whom data is often difficult to take.”
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Included in this zipped file are:
26 Stories (one for each letter of the alphabet)
* 8 pages long each
* Formatted to print out OR use on your iPad
* 4 comprehension questions with picture choices at the end
26 Black/white printable stories
* Easy to print versions of the color stories
26 Visual supports
* Core boards with specific fringe vocabulary for each story
* Visuals for each story to retell the story
* Picture cards to cut out and add Velcro for students needing picture communication
* Instructions on how to use the picture cards for students with eye-gaze
A-Z Alphabet Books for Me is a great resource for:
★ Children who are working on story comprehension skills
★ Children who are learning phonemic awareness
★ Children who benefit from learning from computers and tablets
★ Children who need alternative means of expressing their thoughts (eye gaze, etc.)
★ Educators and children who love stories
★ Educators who love using technology in new ways
Creative educators who want to present stories and language in different modalities
Note: This is a zip file. Please make sure you have the appropriate software to open a zip file.
❤️”These are AMAZING! We use them every week and my kids love them!”
❤️”These are fabulous! So many different ways to use them!”
❤️”Thank you for a great resource to use in the classroom with students with complex communication needs.”
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