AAC Vocabulary Boards (Editable)


Best communication board system out there. Used in research, therapy, and by thousands of SLPs!

This innovative communication book is a combination of research, training, explanations, communication boards, and posters to create a full core classroom!
ALL CORE VOCABULARY ARE EDITABLE!** Choose core boards with 15, 24, or 66 words!
Included in this download are:
Research based explanation of core boards (including references)
Handout for communication partners to help them model core vocabulary
★ 3 sets of Editable core communication boards (15, 24, or 66 words) in small, mini, medium, and big sizes
★ 3 sets of Core communication boards (15, 24, or 66 words) with Fitzgerald key backgrounds in small, mini, medium, and big sizes
Spanish & Chinese core boards (15 or 24 words)
Alphabet board (capital or lower case) – alphabet boards are NOT editable
1 row Fringe vocabulary strips including words for common activities (actions, school words, books, toys, about me, etc.) – this set of fringe vocabulary is NOT editable
1 row Editable vocabulary strips for your own activities or routines
2 row Editable vocabulary strips for a complete and robust communication system (nouns, verbs, describing words, social words, etc.)
Training videos for all staff:
  • Watch the video of how I use it to model language here!
  • This free e-course includes many video examples of how to model language with a low-tech core board.
  • This video demonstrates how to turn your communication board into a manipulative system to help students with difficulties in joint attention.
  • If you are interested in using the fantastic mini core board, watch this video!
I have been successfully using this communication flip book for the last year with the following types of students:
  1. non-verbal students who need visual language modeling to accompany the verbal
  2. minimally verbal students who need extra prompting and visuals to express themselves
  3. students with severe articulation disorders who need augmentative communication and alphabet boards to get their message across clearly.
I cannot tell you how much I love these flip books. They are completely customizable because you can keep your main vocabulary on the flip book at all times and add extra fringe vocabulary as needed.
Note: This is a zip file. Make sure you have the appropriate software to open the file.
Important information for editing: You must open the files using Adobe Reader in order to edit. If you do not have a copy, download it here for free: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
**Core vocabulary and pictures are editable on core boards. Background colors are NOT editable. All editable boards are white backgrounds only.
❤️ “Amazing! One of the best things I’ve ever bought!”
❤️ “I use this book ALL THE TIME! I’ve had special ed teachers stop me so they can look at it or watch me use it. I used it all the time with a language delayed kiddo of mine and it was amazing to watch him start to string together longer spontaneous phrases. He loved trains so I used the “trains” attachment the most. Thanks for your hard work!”
❤️”I just have to say, I LOVE this product. After day one of trying the flip book and mini core board out with one of my minimally verbal students, he is producing spontaneous phrases and requests. He is so engaged when using his new system! THANK YOU!”
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