Super Power Speech is a blog to emPOWER speech pathologists and educators with ideas, materials, and inspiration in their professional and personal lives.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Cheri Dodge Chin. I have a clinical doctorate in speech-language pathology and 20+ years of experience helping children, educators, and families develop speech & language skills. I began this in 2008 with the hope of engaging other speech pathologists and passing on ideas and resources. The blog is now recognized as one of the first SLP blogs in the world and has been nominated for multiple awards. While browsing, make sure to check out my courses and resource library with over 50 FREE downloads! Aside from flying around and trying to save the world, you can find me reading, running, or eating dessert.

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My goals for this blog include:

  • To educate speech pathologists on current therapy topics.
  • To make the lives of educators easier by creating high-quality materials to use in the classroom.
  • To provide easy to follow lesson plans to help speech pathologists with organization.
  • To engage other book lovers in fun and meaningful book discussions.
  • To track my journey through this decade of life.

I’ve been featured in the ASHA Leader both as “In the Limelight” and multiple times in Blog Jam. I was also nominated as Best Individual Blog in the 2013 Edublog awards.

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