Christmas Codes

In our home, you’ve got to work for your gifts.

Oh yeah. No freebies here.

Everyone in the family has a gift code that only I know. Each year the code changes, so no cheating.

The codes require using math knowledge and patterning. You know. Cuz we’re math geeks around here (did I ever mention that Professor X was a Bio-Physics major in college?!)

Advantages to my coding system?

1. I can put gifts under the tree ahead of time with security that the kids really can’t guess their gifts, because they don’t even know which ones are theirs.

2. No counting gifts and comparing who has “more”.

3. Learning that math is fun!

If you promise not to tell, I’ll let you in on our codes this year.


The Flash = multiples of 5 (the above gift is for The Flash and he has no idea!)

Marvel Girl = anything with the number 3 in it

Super Woman = palindrome numbers

Professor X = can’t tell you since I know he’ll read this. But he’ll figure it out quickly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. That’s awesome.
    Your kids may not think so, but I sure do.

  2. My Mom should have thought of this when we were young…my sister and I were the worst!! I will have to remember this as my kids get a little older!!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. How fun! So, what happens Christmas morning? How do they figure out which code is theirs?

  4. Jennifer, we reveal the codes that morning. But as they get older, maybe that will change.

  5. I love that. So far, my boys haven’t tried to open their gifts early, at least that I know of.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I love your system. My kiddos are too young to read so I’ll have to keep that system in mind for when they get older.

  7. I love that idea!! I may have to try that at our house, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Love this. My mom had some sort of coding system, but I don’t think it was nearly as sophisticated as yours! ;O)

    I hope you have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

    Thanks for supporting kidz,

  9. Hey even nerds deserve a merry Christmas!


    I actually think that this is a very cool idea. I’m no math whiz (by ANY stretch of the imagination) but I can completely see myself doing this kind of thing in the future (I can also see myself, as the only one in this particular household who would appreciate it).

    Good job taking Christmas and putting your own unique twist on it. You have won my admiration. Again.

    I hope your family has a very wonderful Christmas.

  10. What a fun way to distribute gifts, I bet everyone loves it! I wish you a very wonderful holiday with your family and even more fun in 2009!

  11. You are a genius! I am totally going to do this… when my kids are old enough to read. :o)

  12. Three words:
    I wish my parents were as super awesome cool as you!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. And you continually use your powers for good…how lucky are we??!!

    Love your ideas!

    Hope you and your Super Family have an awesome holiday!

    The sticky family

  14. I had to ‘code’ the gifts this year too because my two eldest children sneakiily sort through the presents to try and find the one with their names. So this year I took their middle names, added up the letter values (eg A=1 etc.) to come up with their secret code number. Now Possum and Dragon are so frustrated! They can’t figure out which one is theirs.

  15. That is the geekiest thing I’ve ever hear CC! I barely have the energy to write their names ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s an abacus right? You bough The Flash and abacus!

    Merry Christmas to the whole CC family!

  16. I knew I was a dork when some high school friends and I were sitting around at our class reunion and one of them said, “I used to really like the Dewey decimal system” and I realized that I still liked these people and these were my people. Welcome to the club.

    Love the idea, though! I’m going to sneak this one in on Kev next year! He’ll be so confused!!

  17. That is so much better than my own codes…which exist of initials – gift initials. LOL

    Like, Katie’s Learn about Town was KX?-LPLAT

    Only Dh forgot it was Little People, so he was going “LPLAT?!” Then I forgot that the LIJL was Lego Indiana Jones Legos. But, luckily, in Dh’s excel spreadsheet where we had the gifts bought for each child, he had a “wrapped in” slot, and we could sort of match up gifts that way.

    One thing Dh’s parents did to him as he was older was to put a clue on it and he had to answer it to get to open the gift.

  18. I guess I am a nerd to because I really, really like this idea. Maybe next year . . .

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