Speech Club Summer (Articulation for Older Students)


A 60 day (12 week) DAILY articulation program for students to develop carry-over skills for “L, R, S, Sh, Th” sounds for June-August.
Included in this download:
* Speech Club Rules
* Speech Club Folder Cover
* 2 Calendars (with and without dates)
*Letter to parents
* Letter to teachers
* 60 practice sheets for daily articulation practice FOR EACH SOUND : Mad Labs stories, Tic-Tac-Toe sentences, Word Searches, Thinking about Words, Funnies
How the program works:
1. Students come to the speech room (or other designated location) for 5-10 minutes every day.
2. Students find their speech folder and initial the calendar to show they are present. SLP initials the calendar as well if the student returned his/her homework.
3. Students begin independent work of the day, including underlining their targeted sounds, practicing in a mirror, practicing with another student, and practicing with the SLP.
4. Students return to class and practice with their teacher.
5. On Fridays the daily work is shorter so that points for the week can be calculated.
Who this program is designed for:
* Students who can read and write. Usually ages 9+.
* Students who have mastered their sounds in words (all positions).
* Students who have the independence skills to get to Speech Club daily and are motivated to practice.
* Students only working on 1-2 sounds.
Check out my blog post describing this program in greater detail here, or download the preview!
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“…These speech club activities keep me so organized for therapy in addition to home/classroom carryover and RtI activities — no more paging through tons of resource books to find appropriate and motivating activities for my students! “
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