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I was so lucky to receive  the Leapfrog Fridge Magnetic Word Builder. Since I am the world’s biggest fan of the Leapfrog Letters (I give all credit to this toy for my son and many others learning their letters and sounds), I knew that this toy would be a hit.

What I did not expect, however, was that it would be a success with Marvel Girl, who turned 3 last month. I spent half of this year trying to teach Marvel Girl her letters. I did craft activities, receptive “give me the …” daily drills, practice with the Leapfrog Letters. Nothing was really helping the concept sink in. I was about to give up and figure that she was “normal” and not a pre-reading super star (as I had hoped for) like her brother. But then last summer I tried out the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD, at the recommendation of several friends who love this DVD. Wow. It worked. She is a super star.

Now, thanks to the  Leapfrog Fridge Magnetic Word Builder she is starting to spell words.

I. Am. Not. Kidding.

With some phonics prompts from Professor X and myself, she has created the following words “jam, sit, cat, dog”. Did I mention she just turned 3?

My overall Speech Pathologist/Teacher/Mommy impression is that this is a great toy for learning to combine sounds to create 3 letter words. And Marvel Girl rocks. So there.

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  1. That leapfrog Letter Factory DVD is amazing. I don’t see the appeal but I guess that’s because I’m not a preschooler. My girls LOVE it and knew all their ABC and phonics when they were barely 3 years old. Gwen turned 4 in late June and she’s reading! Maddy isn’t far behind.



  2. What a great toy! I used a lot of the Le@pfrog products with my son….I will be buying this one for my little one!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…this is my first visit to yours….it is FANTASTIC!

    I will be back!


  3. Woo-hoo! I love those Leap Frog things. And the kids seem to as well, which makes them even better.

  4. Wow that is great about Marvel Girl! I’ll have to give this a try for both my four year old and my soon to be three year old. 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by..

    I second your review of the leap frog products. LOVE EM.And I think the Letter factory is just brilliant.. My kiddos LOVE IT!


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