Songs to reinforce shape recognition

Yes. I made these up. No. I am not planning on auditioning for American Idol.

Get past my voice and remember that the point of these songs is to help lock in vocabulary by using multiple areas of the brain. Many kids learn vocabulary and concepts through song. Use my songs or create your own!

I have a better shape song I’ll introduce later. Until then, you just have to live with this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Great idea! And let me say you are so brave to record yourself for the world to hear. I don’t think that I could do that. Thanks for giving a great example of ideas to use to reinforce the shapes.

  2. Ohh Awesome idea! Did you make those cards yourself or buy them?

  3. That is a good idea! I’ll have to try that with Aidan.

  4. I love it! I am constantly making up songs to go with everything around here! Maybe I need to make up a song about where I park my car next time I go to the store!

    Another fab idea by YOU!

    Thanks –
    and hey, I think you have a great voice –


  5. Your voice is 100 times better than mine! Great song.

  6. Yet another brilliant idea! What a fun and entertaining way to learn. Kids learn so much quicker when they can associate. And laugh at the grown-ups.

  7. My daughter made me play this video for her 3 times.

  8. My two year old watched the video with me and immediately said, “That’s fun!” I have to agree with her. Thanks for another great idea!

  9. Bravo! Encore!

    i have always loved using song to teach. I believe that the memory can remember song patterns so much easier than info patterns

  10. I love teaching by song.
    I even made my high school chemistry students sing a few things to help them remember. They thought I was nuts but it worked!

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