Time Timer Review

Although I’ve only seen this sold in special education catalogs, this timer is awesome for all students. Set the timer by spinning the red inner circle to the desired number of minutes. It will then count backwards visually; the red inner circle slowly starts to disappear. Time is up with the red has disappeared. Super Duper also has a version of the time timer with an audio “beep” when zero minutes is reached. I have had great success with this at school, so much so that I bought one to use at home with my kids!

Examples of when to use the time timer:
-a child needs to work on a project for X number of minutes before they get a break (visual counting down helps them to gauge their progress)
-a child needs to wait X number of minutes before an event is to happen (visual counting down helps them to see that time really is passing)
-And my favorite uses of the time timer for home–a child is given X number of minutes to clean up, or stay in bed for rest time!

For some reason Super Duper’s catalog price is $10 cheaper than their website price. So if you are interested in buying one, make sure they honor their catalog price!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you for pointing me towards this. Yes. I must have one too. Well, two actually.

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